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  • Directional Valves

    Directional Valves

    Distributing valves are used in an open circulation. They provide various consumer loads with the delivery flow of the pump. The distributing valves of ALPHAFLUID are available in mono design or modular circuit board. The valves with electrical resp. electronically proportional control don’t need any additional control pressure supply. The hydraulic auxiliary energy for the build on input unit is taken from the main oil circulation and will be...

  • Fine Filters

    Fine Filters

    Through the oil fine filters very small particles up to 0.5 µm² are filtered and water is adhered. By using the filter, the purity level according to ISO 4406: 12/5- NAS 1638: 3 is achieved. As a result the oil change intervals can be extended many times.

  • AlphaFluid - Logic Amplifier Serves

    AlphaFluid - Logic Amplifier Serves

    The AlphaFluid logic amplifier serves to select proportional solenoids; in particular, to position and/or control the AlphAktor (AlphActuator) and other AphaFluid products as well as proportional hydraulic systems in general. The amplifier is based on microcontroller technology and can be universally used due to a wide variety of parametrization possibilities. A power amplifier serves for selection of the proportional solenoid and supplies the...