Altec SAS

Altec SAS

ALTEC is the trademark of the company ALTEC SAS based in Morlhon Le Haut in Aveyron. Since 1989, our French SME has been innovating with more robust and ergonomic products and of high quality which really make a difference. In 2012, the company decided to change direction to more technological products through automation and precision with the on-board dynamic weighing system. In 2016, the company created a new ALTEC SYSTEM range with the logic of differentiating and dynamising innovations in automatic, dedicated animal feeding (cattle, sheep, poultry etc.). This historical expertise makes ALTEC a privileged partner for farmers seeking reliable products that are suited to their needs.

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550 route de Charrons , Morlhon-le-Haut , 12200 France

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Internationally (various countries)

Whatever the size or your operation, your activity has its challenges! Very mindful of your current needs and based on our experience, we will provide you with solutions in the area of animal feeding and mulching through to our new «ALTEC System» range.

Our ARIANE (suspended straw spreader) and COLIBRI (distribution of bulk fodder) systems have the purpose of saving time and increasing your productivity and therefore your profitability. COLIBRI and ARIANE are modular systems that can be adapted to your husbandry: cattle, sheep, goats and poultry. COLIBRI and ARIANE are also adaptable at the automation level: start with remote control distribution and change to a completely automated, unlimited NUTRI MASTER installation. Our NUTRI MASTER application (simple to use, easy to read and configurable) allows you to adjust with precision the food for your herd or flock and therefore to optimise your production and save time.

Various studies have demonstrated the importance of quality mulching on the behaviour of the animal. Good bedding conditions are very important for the comfort of the animal. These optimum conditions ensure a better level of productivity and quality of your production. Furthermore, quality bedding (dry and of sufficient quantity) will also contribute to reducing the sanitary risk. Cows prefer dry mulching and in sufficient quantity to feel good and when you know that the well-being of the animal has a direct effect on its production... The “ARIANE” family allows quality, soft mulching, without dust, just as if it was done by hand and allows you to have animals that are less stressed, in good health and is less “restrictive” on your daily tasks.