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  • Light Deflectors

    Light Deflectors

    Light deflectors are the ideal equipments to reduce the light ingress through air flow passages and they are especially used for breeder birds and egg-producing in pullet houses.

  • Air Inlet Systems

    Air Inlet Systems

    ALFAN air inlet systems are efficient for poultry houses and green houses where quick fresh air stream is needed. By means of ALFAN ventilation fans fresh and clean air is sucked inside the houses. ALFAN air inlet system is designedspecially for improving aerodynamical efficiency and reducing pressure losses. Galvanized steel sheet is used for attaining axtra durability.

  • Feeders and Drinkers

    Feeders and Drinkers

    ALFAN brand feeders are used for automatic feeding of poultry. All pieces and bodies are made of high quality plastic material and there are no sharp sides and corners which harm animals. Feeders are designed for achieving optimum growing rates, ease of access to the feed, ease of mounting and demounting and minimum feed waste. As the food becomes lass in the pan food goes down to the feeder pan automatically from the food tank. 1 feeder pan is used...

  • Climatic  - Model 501  - Heat Control Device

    Climatic - Model 501 - Heat Control Device

    Climatic 501 is a heat control device which perceives the heat through its sensors and evaluates this heat according to the given parameters and makes necessary controls. By the help of the software in the device the temperature of the environment where sensors are located can be kept at the demanded level.