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  • AmegA Sciences - Adjuvants & Spray Sundries

    AmegA Sciences - Adjuvants & Spray Sundries

    Enhanced effectiveness of application with ease of use and safe operation. An adjuvant is a substance other than water, which enhances the effectiveness of a pesticide with which it is mixed. The ever rising costs of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides make the addition of an adjuvant into the spray tank economical. Applying less fungicide, but with the addition of an adjuvant maximises the effectiveness of the pesticide to get the same rate of control.

  • AmegA Sciences - Micronutrient Supplements

    AmegA Sciences - Micronutrient Supplements

    Micronutrient supplements: Micronutrients are required by the plant in relatively small amounts, although this does not mean that they are less important to the plant. Plant growth and development may be restricted if one of these essential nutrients is deficient within the plant. Micronutrient deficiencies can result in limited growth, wilting and yellowing of the leaf.