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  • Spectrum - Grape Harvester

    Spectrum - Grape Harvester

    Spectrum is the workhorse of vineyards in California, Michigan, Washington and Chile. The Spectrum's rocking beam front end, 12 inch leveling capacity, 4 cylinder Cummins diesel power pack and attractive entry level pricing make it a practical option for all vineyards.

  • AGH Spectrum - Extra-Wide Grape Harvester

    AGH Spectrum - Extra-Wide Grape Harvester

    Spectrum Extra-Wide is designed to harvest the new 52', 60' and 73' DOV raisin trellises. These very wide yield trellis systems can yeild 6 tons of raisin per acre.

  • AGH Quantum - Grape Harvester

    AGH Quantum - Grape Harvester

    The Quantum Grape Harvester is the preferred harvesting tool on many California grape growers and custom grape harvester operators. Although it can be equipped with any picking mechanism, the trunk shaking Mantis is preferred. With its rated 36 inch side to side leveling capacity and 6 cylinder Cummins power plant it can operate in nearly any vineyard with 8 foot wide rows.

  • AGH - Stratum Tow Harvester

    AGH - Stratum Tow Harvester

    Stratum was introduced in the 2004 harvest season. As a result of the experience gained during that harvest, numerous improvements were made bringing this tow on par with other more expensive foreign tow harvesters.

  • AGH - Sidewinder Picking Mechanism

    AGH - Sidewinder Picking Mechanism

    Simplicity is the key to Sidewinder's success. It has the fewest number of parts of any picking mechanism used in American viticulture. Sidewinder fits into any UpRight, AGH or Chisholm Ryder grape harvester. It can be equipped with our standard Bo-Rods, Full Contact Rods or Quad Rods as needed.Sidewinder is mostly used on vertical trellises but can be used with crossarms as wide as 36 inches.

  • Tilt-up Picking Mechanism

    Tilt-up Picking Mechanism

    Tilt-up can be used on vertical or divided canopy trellises. By installing larger 'H' frames Tilt-up can tackle trellises up to 52, 60 and 72 inches. For easier adjustment it can be equipped with a compressed air driven width adjustment package. The tilt angle is adjustable up to 45 degrees.Tilt-up can be equipped with our standard Bo-Rod, Full Contact Rod or Quad Rods.

  • Demogers


    Demoger is a star wheel type sorting device that removes MOG (material- than-grapes) from the picked grape before they are deposited in the gondola. Demoger is designed to replace the manual gleaner required on Concord and Niagara harvesters. Some winemakers also require the device to remove unwanted material in the picked mass.Demogers should only be used in harvesters equipped with magnets so smaller metalic objects are kept from the wine...

  • Super Gondolas

    Super Gondolas

    9 Foot Plus Row Width. 211 Cubic Feet Capacity (6 tons).

  • Picking Rods

    Picking Rods

    AGH is the largest supplier of Bo-Rods for mechanized grape harvesting in the Western Hemisphere. Our DURAFLEX nylon rods deliver superior long lasting performance while maintaining their shape and flexibility. They pick better and last longer than any competitive Bo-Rod. In addition to all of the standard rods listed below AGH will custom make a Bo-Rod to suit your exact vineyard and trellis requirements.

  • Mantis  - Picking Mechanism

    Mantis - Picking Mechanism

    Mantis is the leading trunk shaker picking mechanism in the industry. It is unmatched in its speed and effectiveness. The Mantis is designed to be used on cordon pruned vines especially quadrilateral trellis systems. The rails automatically adjust to the width of the vine trunk exerting a continuous force on the vine for smooth, fast, effective harvesting. Full contact rods can be added to the 'C' arms for harder to pick varieties. The Mantis'...