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  • Dump Trailers

    Dump Trailers

    Our heavy duty Hydraulic Dump Trailers are built to last. The All Tube Steel Frame and Diamond Plate Fenders have a Black Pearl Powder Coated Finish for good looks and rugged durability.

Products by Falcon Trailer Works Inc

  • Single Axles

  • Falcon - Model Mini Tilt - Single Axles  Trailer

    Falcon - Model Mini Tilt - Single Axles Trailer

    Standard Equipment: 2” Coupler, 2” Treated Pine Decking, 4.80 X 12” Tire , 5 Bolt Wheels, Gvar: 2000#, Gvwr: 1500#, Tilt Bed, 2x2x1/8” Angle Frame, 11/2x11/2x1/8” Angle Crossmembers, 11/2x11/2x1/8” Angle Toprail, 11/2x11/2x1/8” Angle Standards, 3x2x11 Ga. Tubing Tongue.

  • Falcon - Mini Tilt Trailers

    Falcon - Mini Tilt Trailers

    Standard Equipment: 2” Coupler. 2” Treated Pine Decking. 4.80 x 12” Tire . 5 Bolt Wheels. GVAR: 2000#. GVWR: 1500#. Tilt Bed. 2x2x1/8” Angle Frame. 11/2x11/2x1/8” Angle Crossmembers. 11/2x11/2x1/8” Angle Toprail. 11/2x11/2x1/8” Angle Standards. 3x2x11 Ga. Tubing Tongue.

  • Tandem Axles

  • Falcon - Model V-Panel - Tandem Axles

    Falcon - Model V-Panel - Tandem Axles

    Standard Equipment: 2” Coupler, 2000# Jack, St205/75d-15” Tires, 5 Bolt Wheels, Gvar: 7000#, Gvwr: 4000#, 2” Treated Pine Flooring, 3x2x3/16” Angle Frame, 3x2x3/16” Angle Crossmembers, 1x2x16 Ga. Tube Toprail, 2x2x14 Ga. Tube Standards, 4” Channel Tongue.

  • Super Duties

  • Falcon - Model I - Super Duty Trailers

    Falcon - Model I - Super Duty Trailers

    Standard Equipment: 2 5/16” Coupler. 10K Dropleg Jack. 235 x 16 10 ply Tires. 8 Bolt Wheels. GVAR: 14,000#. GVWR: 14,000#. One Axle Electric Brake. Breakaway Kit. 2” Treated Pine Decking. 5x3x1/4” Angle Frame. 4x3x1/4” Angle Crossmembers. 5x3x1/4” Angle Tongue. 4x3x1/4” Angle Toprail. 4x3x1/4” Angle Standards. 60” Slide-In Ramps. Diamond Plate Fenders.