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American Hydroponics

We have been designing and building energy and water efficient hydroponic systems, blending plant foods and biostimulants for over 25 years... AND we know how to use them to grow thriving crops. Check out some of our satisfied client`s systems. Have a look around, explore, learn, peruse our photo archives and awards, download our product sell sheets or our informative Commercial Brochure.

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286 South G Street , Arcata , California 95521-6670 USA
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American Hydroponics provides state-of-the-art crop performance products and services for people to grow crops successfully, year round for pleasure and profit in any environment with an emphasis on conserving resources.

American Hydroponics / Water Planet is an enterprise run by a group of individuals who have financial and lifestyle ambitions that are tied to its success. The company will continue to be known for its innovation by leading the industry with easy-to-access, high-performance horticultural products, greenhouse supplies, resource conservative equipment and knowledge as well as unique products and knowledge that no one else in the industry has.

Thank you for visiting our website. Hello, I’m Michael Christian, president and chief plumber of American Hydroponics. Since you ended up here, you are more than likely interested in finding out more about us. If this is so, it is my pleasure to tell our story.

We are located in a 16,000 square foot manufacturing facility that looks out over green pasture and foothills of tall redwoods in Humboldt County California where the air is clean, the water pure and earthquakes are plentiful. We incorporated as Sun Circle, Inc. in 1984 as a hydroponic system manufacturer. It was clear to us that hydroponic gardening had so many benefits for people in cities, water conservation, diversity of crop cultivation and ease of maintenance, that we decided to manufacture hydroponic systems.

Immediately, we invested in a thermoformer (a big expensive heater and plastic forming machine that allows us to mold our own tray & reservoir designs). With the thermoformer, we use a unique ABS plastic made from 75% recycled material. We recycle all of our scrap plastic, which goes into the regrind of our next plastic order. Local recycling is very important to us. So we try to manufacture all of our products with some portion of recycled plastic in them.

One mold led to another as our industry grew and now we have accumulated a hobby hydro product line that includes hydroponic systems, Mini-Dosers (nutrient dosing controllers), liquid nutrient amendments, Dark Energy, Super Nova, Super Charger, Companion, specialized fittings Net Pots, Perfect Pots, pumps and an assortment of cool equipment for the specialty hobby gardening and hydroponic market.

We ventured into commercial hydroponics in 1995, specifically Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) technology, when we traveled to Australia and New Zealand, home of the hydro recirculation experts. When we returned home, we set up the first outdoor NFT lettuce operation in the United States and have been growing in NFT ever since. We now provide large commercial NFT systems throughout the United States, including Hawaii, Honduras, Mexico, Philippines and Israel as well as schools, colleges and research facilities. These systems are growing lettuce, herbs, and vine crops, both indoors and out.

Currently, we have the highest rate of successful growers using our commercial hydroponic systems than any other system manufacturer. Check out our commercial products and download the pdf commercial brochure.

Now that we are approaching three decades of manufacturing and serving a growing hobby and commercial hydroponic market, American Hydroponics holds a revered position as one of the leaders of this industry. Have fun exploring our site.

Michael Christian, a transplant from Los Angeles, moved to Arcata, Humboldt County in the early 70's to study forestry at Humboldt State University, breathe fresh air, hike and live near the redwood forest. At HSU, he studied plant physiology, botany and philosophy and went on to become a tree planter, building contractor, draftsman and eventually founded Sun Circle Inc. dba American Hydroponics in 1984.

Since 1995, Michael has spent considerable time in Australia and New Zealand (world leaders in recirculating hydroponic systems) studying and training with expert hydroponic growers in both countries. He has worked exclusively with Grenville Stocker of NZ since 1996, a premiere agricultural chemist and pioneer in the use of NFT (Nutrient Film Technique).

Under Grenville's tutelage, Michael has become a sought-after authority on hydroponic system design and grower support, especially in regard to water recirculation. Michael has many years experience growing commercially with NFT and is constantly experimenting with new systems and controllers in their R&D greenhouses. He currently works with many growers world wide, providing equipment, consultation, grower support and feasibility studies on large commercial operations.

Michael's passions are fly fishing, skiing, gardening and conserving water.