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  • Greenhouse Constructions

  • VENLO - Greenhouse

    VENLO - Greenhouse

    This is the standardized greenhouse as it’s built by us. This VENLO-greenhouse is deliverable in various bay- and section measurements. Furthermore, the VENLO-greenhouse can be adequately built for any climate.

  • Screening

  • Gable Roller Screen

    Gable Roller Screen

    The vertical gable roller screen creates saving of energy in addition to a decrease of light emission when one uses assimilation illumination. Ammerlaan Construction B.V. integrates the screen in the frontage(s).

  • Screen on top of the Deck

    Screen on top of the Deck

    To repress extra sunlight, there is a possibility to assemble a screen installation on top of the greenhouse. This enables the farmer/grower even more to regulate the climate within the greenhouse.