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  • Greenhouse Constructions

  • Venlo Greenhouse

    Venlo Greenhouse

    This is the standardized greenhouse as it’s built by us. This VENLO-greenhouse is deliverable in various bay- and section measurements. Furthermore, the VENLO-greenhouse can be adequately built for any climate.

  • Model ZON - Greenhouses

    Model ZON - Greenhouses

    The ZON-greenhouse is a patented design by Ammerlaan Construction B.V. and contributes to a decrease of energy use in the greenhouse. Because of the integrated screen package, a light profit of at least 5% is attainable in comparison with a standardized VENLO-greenhouse.

  • Model CLIM-V - Greenhouse

    Model CLIM-V - Greenhouse

    The CLIM-V greenhouse is meant for crops which are outside during the summer, and which need to be inside during the winter for their protection. It’s a greenhouse that is unique because of its patented open-roof construction.

  • WIDESPAN - Greenhouse

    WIDESPAN - Greenhouse

    The efficient and economical work area is a great advantage of the WIDESPAN greenhouse. The big volume creates a balanced climate in the greenhouse. A section can be created per bay, and the opportunity for intern transporting systems lends itself for this perfectly. The continuous ridge cooling gives the opportunity to open the cooling in the entire bay length.

  • Screening

  • Upper Screen Wire System

    Upper Screen Wire System

    As a farmer you probably know the importance of a well-functioning screen installation. Ammerlaan Construction B.V. installs screen installations which effortlessly alleviate the stretching and shrinking of your greenhouse, and constantly care for a solid closing in the entire greenhouse. As screen cloth, we can meet anyone’s standards perfectly.

  • Gable Roller Screen

    Gable Roller Screen

    The vertical gable roller screen creates saving of energy in addition to a decrease of light emission when one uses assimilation illumination. Ammerlaan Construction B.V. integrates the screen in the frontage(s).

  • Twin Gable Screen

    Twin Gable Screen

    When one wants to make a division in a greenhouse, Ammerlaan Construction B.V. can install a twin gable. A twin gable can be used for multiple purposes.

  • Screens


    Screens for garden centers or 'Widespan' greenhouse. These screens work according to the principle of the gable screen.

  • Bobbin Nets

    Bobbin Nets

    When it is desirable to contravene income and outcome of insects or birds, Ammerlaan Construction B.V. could integrate bobbin nets in the greenhouse windows.

  • Climate Control

  • Climate Control System

    Climate Control System

    Ammerlaan Construction B.V. is specialized in multiple forms of greenhouse heating and cooling. We are experienced in the building and heating of greenhouses in the cold climates of Finland, but also in the heated climates of the deserts of Dubai. The possibilities at Ammerlaan Construction B.V. are endless; whether you want to heat your greenhouse with regular gas, oil, propane gas, thermic sources, or bio mass, it doesn’t matter. The use of...