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  • Model MK 11 - MILKO-TESTER

    Model MK 11 - MILKO-TESTER

    The original and most basic model. It requires 33ml. of sample and reads to the nearest 0.05%. This instrument is quite appropriate where RELIABLE operation is required and MINIMAL INVESTMENT is considered important. Sample results are obtained in less than one minute.



    MANUALLY controlled accurate method of controlling butterfat levels in milk on a continuous basis. This is accomplished by automatically sampling and analyzing the milk every 20 seconds-allowing for change if necessary. This system will rapidly PAY FOR ITSELF in most plants. All results are recorded-therefore allowing management input. Products ranging from skim through half and half may be run.

  • Model MK 111 - MILKO-TESTER

    Model MK 111 - MILKO-TESTER

    This instrument utilizes a light scattering principle and will analyze 120 samples per hour for butterfat. It requires a small amount (6 ML) of product for analysis. Results are displayed on a digital readout.

  • Model 104 - MILKO- SCAN

    Model 104 - MILKO- SCAN

    An Instrument Based On A Single Cell Dual Wave-Length Infrared Principle Used For The Analysis Of Fat, Protein, Lactose, And Solids In Milk And Other Dairy Products. It Analyzes Between 75 AND 85 Samples Per Hour. The Unit Is Designed For Easy Operator Use And Analyzes Each Sample InLess Than 60 Seconds. Commonly Used In Cheese And Ice Cream Plants. Excellent For Producer Payment Tasting.

  • Model 4C-2 and 4D-2  - Advanced Cryoscopes

    Model 4C-2 and 4D-2 - Advanced Cryoscopes

    These ADVANCEDCryoscopes are the most widely used in the world. They follow AOAC and APHA test methods and have earned a solid reputation for RELIABILITY. You may choose between a manually operated, single sample or a fully automatic, multi-sample instrument. Operators appreciate the ease of operation and the large, bright easy-to-read digital displays. New and reconditioned units are available.