aNH3 Company has redefined its systems in relation to competitive products. Our Liquimatic twin tower comes in two configurations, Standard, without pump, and Custom, with a centrifugal pump to boost liquid above tank pressure. The Standard is powered by tank pressure, having advantages over heat exchangers of 1- higher flow rates and 2- elimination of a coolant line. It comes with Hiniker or MicroTrak control, Hiniker flowmeter, and KZCO servo and off/on valves. For those wishing to upgrade older heat exchanger systems, the Standard is also offered as a basic twin tower on a platform so that your existing flowmeter and valves can be relocated on the platform.

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aNH3, saving ammonia one field at a time since 1995.
In 1995 a small group of farmers in central Illinois set out to improve the efficiency and speed of anhydrous ammonia application on their farms. It was apparent to these men that when growing corn, NH3 was the second highest input cost after seed. In the mid 90's the standard (tube style) heat-exchanger was the only method of liquefaction and was prone to leaving uneven rows and streaking on the fields. The founders of aNH3 set out to achieve something unheard of at the time: to eliminate uneven distribution, increase application speed, while providing monitoring of each row.

While agriculture has changed exponentially over the last two decades, many application systems used today are based on technology used in the 1960's. Our engineers and technicians have devoted decades of effort in getting anhydrous delivery systems out of the 'stone age' by building products that bring accurate, reliable results to our customers. In over 20 years of business aNH3 has earned several US patents and continues to advance the way anhydrous ammonia is applied. We understand how important nitrogen is to our customers and want them to feel confident knowing that they have the most advanced control system in the industry.

Located in Elkhart, Illinois aNH3 is staffed by a diverse team of farmers, engineers and technicians, designing and building every aNH3 product here in the US.