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  • Automotive, Self Propelling Machines

  • BERKY - Model 2200 - High-Performance Tricycle Slope Mower

    BERKY - Model 2200 - High-Performance Tricycle Slope Mower

    High-performance Tricycle slope mower for working on ditch slopes. BERKY Tricycle ditch slope mowers are self-propelled machines that have been designed for use in small areas between the slopes with different inclinations (embankments). Their design allows to work on embankments/ inclinations from 80 cm lane that cannot be reached by tractors and other special vehicles.

  • Attachments

  • BERKY - Model 4420 - Mowing-Clearing Combination Machine

    BERKY - Model 4420 - Mowing-Clearing Combination Machine

    The mow-rake-combination type 4420 mows and clears embankments, soles of watercourses in an ecological, effective and soil-conserving manner. The combination consists of a cutter bar, which is mounted on the front side of a tractor, and it consists of a rake, which is attached to the rear of the tractor. The mow-rake combination can be used for long and deep slopes and can be installed on a three-point linkage or quick coupler. Due to the perfect...

  • Operating Equipment

  • BERKY - Model 5150 - Disc Mower

    BERKY - Model 5150 - Disc Mower

    Rugged and approved construction made of high-quality steel. Clean cut appearance even in case of densely and high plant cover. Quick changing of the implements by safety coupler.

  • Boats

    The BERKY range of mowing boats, aquatic weed harvester, work boats and suction dredger constitute high-performance, high-power and safe and reliable helping aids for any mowing, clearing, hollowing or recessing, unsilting and sludge removal operations in canals, rivers and streams, lakes, bogs, marshes and swamplands.

  • BERKY - Model Type 6520 - Weed Harvester

    BERKY - Model Type 6520 - Weed Harvester

    Powerful and maneuverable aquatic weed harvester for cutting and harvesting water weed (like Algae, Pondweed, Watermilfoil, Hydrilla, Water hyacinth (Eichhornia), e.g.) Trash, debris and wood on small channels, rivers and lakes. Effective system, the aquatic weed harvester cut and collect in one process. Operating by one person. Excellent visibility during the work and for unload, very low clearance for passing bridges. With a U-knife in front for...

  • Hand-Operated Machines

    For particularly undemanding ditch maintenance operations, the BERKY range comprises high-output, hand-operated side mowers. Which are also highly reliable in the event of vegetation coverage, bushy woodland and extreme bank slopes.

  • BERKY - Model Type 1400 - Side Slope Mower

    BERKY - Model Type 1400 - Side Slope Mower

    Powerful hand guided machine, for mowing of steep and difficult access slopes with strong fouling. No slipping or tilting. Mows at a inclination of 45° to 1,40 m under water. Where all other slope mowers fail to function, the side mower is in its element - no slipping off or tipping over allows to mow up to 1.40 m below water surface with a slope of up to 45 degrees.