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  • Tigrone - Model 5800 - Tractor

    Tigrone - Model 5800 - Tractor

    Tigrone 5800 is the equal wheel tractor from the unbeatable Series 21. Designed for work on hillsides and mountains and specialised crops. Four equal wheel drive, optimum weight-power ratio, reduced steering angle all mean stability and constant traction on all types of terrain along with a capacity for quick manoeuvrability and disengagement. The gearbox has 12 speeds, 8 forward and 4 reverse. The light accurate steering is...

  • Tigrone - Model 5800 Jona Series - Tractor

    Tigrone - Model 5800 Jona Series - Tractor

    The Tigrone 5800 Jona (isodiametric wheels with 48 hp) is a tractor designed to work on hills, in mountains or on specialised crops, where determining factors are grip, handiness and size, having draft and position control that simplifies the use of the tools as it combines force with position management. This tractor is extremely comfortable thanks to a spacious and easily accessible driving position. The central tunnel has no...

  • Model TIGRE 4000 Series - Tractor

    Model TIGRE 4000 Series - Tractor

    This fantastic “jack of all trades” was designed to perform a wide variety of activities in the management of small farms, allotments, greenhouses, parks, gardens, sports fields and municipal areas. The four isodiametric driving wheels, together with the ACTIO ™ chassis, assure operating comfort and safety thanks to the constant traction and ground adherence. PTO synchronised with all gear speeds The power lift features a 3-point...

  • Model TTR 4400 HST II Series - Tractors

    Model TTR 4400 HST II Series - Tractors

    The concept of TTR 4400 HST II replicates that of the top-of-therange AC tractors, though on a smaller scale. The strategic decision to fit direct injection engines by the finest international producers generates lower noise, less vibrations, reduced consumption and maximum efficiency. The configuration of the TTR 4400 HST II, featuring hydrostatic transmission, ACTIO™ chassis, low centre of gravity, reversible steering and isodiametric driving...

  • Model TRX ERGIT 100 - Tractor

    Model TRX ERGIT 100 - Tractor

    TRX is a reversible, quick and agile tractor featuring large isodiametric wheels that provide superior traction. The ACTIO Full Chassis with Oscillation assures great stability and constant adherence to the ground allowing demanding tools to be towed and/or pushed, even at the same time.The engine of TRX 9800 (87 hp, 4 turbo cylinders, 3300 cc) features balance shafts with injection system and electronically-controlled EGR.