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  • AP  - Model KG 2400 - Silage Grabbers

    AP - Model KG 2400 - Silage Grabbers

    The AP silage grabbers are exceedingly suitable for the extracting of gras, corn, potato-fibres etc. They can also be used as an ordinary waste bucket. Due to the extremely solid construction and the Euro quick attachments the AP silage cutters can be combined with almost every frontloader.

  • AP - Auger Buckets

    AP - Auger Buckets

    AP auger buckets are allready indispensable in the cattle-breeding for years. The auger product is a product developed by AP Machinebouw; this made AP the first manufacturer to appear at the market with an auger bucket. Due to years of experience and intensive contact with the users, the AP auger bucket is still the best choice.

  • AP - Multi Divider

    AP - Multi Divider

    The  AP multi divider is an affordable machine to divide several products with a constant spread pattern. This self-loading machine is suitable for the dividing of saw dust, sand, dried cow manure, compost, chopped straw etc. but can also be used to feed corn. here are several types, all suitable for front and rear attachment. The volume varies from 700 to 1300 liters; the width from 1250 to 2000 mm. The mounting plate on the...

  • AP - Model MV - Multi Forks

    AP - Model MV - Multi Forks

    The AP multi fork can be used as a dung fork, as a corn blade but is also useful in forestry. These solid machines are suitable for heavy telescopic loaders or wheel loaders.

  • AP - Silage Cutters

    AP - Silage Cutters

    At the modern cattle breeding companies an AP silage cutter is almost a must. The assortment consists out of several models and measures, all developed for use in combination with power shovels, track loaders, tractors with or without front loader and tele handlers. The tempered V-shaped knives at the frond side guarantees tightly cut off silage which prevents over heating in the fodder. The knives amply cut over the tooth so the block is completely...

  • AP - Model TG - Tine Grippers

    AP - Model TG - Tine Grippers

    The AP tine grippers are, combined with a heavy wheel loader or telescopig loader, ideal for pulling out grass, corn, potato fibers etc. The tine frame is equipped with conical bushes so the teeth cannot twist during use. These solid machines are provided with a wear-resistant knife and are suitable for all types of feed. Widths from 220 to 300 cm, the capacity varies from 2000 to 2700 liter.