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  • Combined Receivers

    Combined receivers can be used on a grade rod for general purpose elevation control of form work, footers, foundations, etc. They can also be used for excavation depth or grading elevation control, when installed on small machines like backhoes, small excavators, dozers, skid steers, and box blades. Both models come with a grade rod clamp and magnetic pads for quick machine mounting - without welding.

  • Apache - Versatile Laser Receiver for Machine and Grade Rod Mounting

    Apache - Versatile Laser Receiver for Machine and Grade Rod Mounting

    Our HAWKEYE is a laser grade control tool that you can put to work immediately ... mounted to your machine or to your grade rod. Large 13 cm vertical reception height for quick beam capture. 240º angular reception for increased beam pick-up. Adjustable accuracy to meet jobsite requirements. Rugged Lexan housing stands up to the harshest construction environments. Flashing LEDs give highly visible elevation information: Green is on-grade, red is...

  • Laser Receivers for Construction Machinery

    Bullseye laser receivers work with all red or infrared rotating lasers. Bullseye receivers are designed to withstand tough conditions of use on construction and agricultural machinery. So they are watertight, robust, vibration and shock isolated. All Bullseye models are automatic control compatible.

  • Apache - Model Bullseye 6 - Professional Laser Receiver

    Apache - Model Bullseye 6 - Professional Laser Receiver

    Angle compensation automatically calculates and corrects the grade display for the angle of the dipper arm. This allows the operator to check grade with the dipper arm extended or retracted up to 30 degrees significantly reducing time for excavation depth control.

  • Automatic Laser Control Systems

    Our TORNADO blade control is used on construction grading machinery to automatically control the blade in earthmoving and grading applications. It is also used on agricultural land leveling and farm drainage machinery. Grade information from a rotating laser is received by a BULLSEYE receiver, processed in a TORNADO control box and automatically directs the machine’s hydraulics to maintain the elevation of the blade.TORNADO blade control consists of BULL

  • Apache - Model Tornado F2 - Dual Control System

    Apache - Model Tornado F2 - Dual Control System

    Automatic blade control for two BULLSEYE laser receivers, or one BULLSEYE receiver with integrated blade tilt sensor Our Tornado F2 is a dual control system that can be used in Lift & Lift, Lift & Tilt, and Dual Independent applications. It can be installed on multiple pieces of equipment for maximum versatility and return on investment.