The world’s first multi sensor subsurface soil probe with salinity error compensation. The EnviroPro® measures moisture, temperature and salinity in all soil types providing accurate and repeatable data year after year. EnviroPro® probes are available in lengths of 40cm, 80cm,120cm and 160cm. With sensors at every 10cm a complete picture of the soil profile is possible. EnviroPro® accurately monitors and reports the movement of water throughout the root zone saving irrigation and water costs whilst maximising crop yields. EnviroPro® also monitors the movement of nutrients by tracking the changes in salinity and the build-up of salinity in the root zone. EnviroPro® allows users to apply leaching irrigation only when required saving time, water and money. All EnviroPro® sensors are factory calibrated eliminating the need to be re-calibrated in the field. EnviroPro® is maintenance free. Our probes are fully encapsulated and environmentally sealed against all moisture and chemicals.

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