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  • Aqua Des - Liquid Broad-Spectrum

    Aqua Des - Liquid Broad-Spectrum

    Aqua Des is a liquid broad-spectrum strong disinfectant. Aqua Des is effective in all types of microorganisma (bacterias, fungi, viruses, parasites). The product is used in cold disinfection (CIP-, surface-, bath and fog).

  • PARAMOVE - Veterinary Medicinal Product

    PARAMOVE - Veterinary Medicinal Product

    PARAMOVE® is a veterinary medicinal product with an active 49.5% w/w Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) solution. It is manufactured by Solvay Chemicals International in their manufacturing plants holding the required Manufacturing Authorisations for this medicinal product. This includes their Warrington facility (which is the only H2O2 manufacturing plant in the UK) and their Jemeppe plant in Belgium.