Aqua Production Systems Incorporated provide solutions for aquaculture and other aquatic operations facing technical decisions or challenges. Our experience is based on being in the trenches operating, maintaining, optimizing, and creating the equipment and systems used to grow and/or store aquatic species. We help lobster buyers by designing and building holding tank systems that have zero mortality 365 days/year. Zero Mortality Shipping Claims for Live Lobster Holding — Guaranteed! Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Every Year with Aqua Production Systems’ state-of-the-art designed system and operating equipment guaranteed to keep your lobster alive and healthy.

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111 Elshirl Rd , Plymouth , Nova Scotia B2H 5C5 Canada
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We do not provide refrigeration systems like others do. We provide the water quality the animals need. We guarantee zero mortality in the tanks we build and zero mortality shipping claims from lobster shipped from our tanks. 2-5% of the industry’s lobster die due to poor water quality. It doesn’t have to be that way! Our customers enjoy an unheard of ZERO MORTALITY and ZERO MORTALITY SHIPPING CLAIMS in their holding tanks, guaranteed. We are pleased to save them hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Many have also been able to double or more the capacity of their holding tanks which means they can double their business with no extra holding tank overhead.