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  • Aqua - Lobster Holding Tanks

    Aqua - Lobster Holding Tanks

    Sniff… sniff… something smells good. The lobster crawls a hundred yards across the pristine ocean floor, stomach rumbling, towards the smell of freshly cut mackerel. A brisk climb up a trap wall, a not-so-gracious descent and … dinner is served … life is good. A day later in a buyer’s tank he dies. Why? He was healthy enough to hunt and eat! He didn’t starve … his gut is still full. Given the right water...

  • Lobster Pound Chillers

    Lobster Pound Chillers

    One lobster pound owner recently said to me, “All refrigeration guys seem like they know what they’re talking about.”  But, YOU pay the big bucks for the condensing units.  YOU pay the big bucks for the chiller barrels.  YOU pay the big bucks for them to run copper pipe, and fill the thing with gas.   These days, even cutting a cheque for the pvc pipe and the electrician hurts.