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  • Water Control Gates

  • Langemann Gate

    Langemann Gate

    Invented by Peter Langemann, the Langemann Gate was developed through a cooperative effort between St. Mary River Irrigation District, Peter Langemann and Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. (AS2I). The Langemann gate, used in conjunction with one of AS2I’s controllers, provides solutions to a host water of control problems. The patented design has gained recognition due to its simplicity, overshot technology and low power requirements.

  • Automation

  • SSAqua - SCADA Ready Controller for Irrigation Canal Control

    SSAqua - SCADA Ready Controller for Irrigation Canal Control

    SSAqua Systems 2000 Inc. introduces the SCADA Ready Controller for irrigation canal control applications. Plug-and-play SCADA systems are made easy with built-in support for the widely accepted Modbus communications protocol. Developed around an off-the-self industrial programmable controller and panel mounted operator interface, this integrated package is a reliable, flexible and user-friendly control solution for both over-shot and under-shot...

  • Flow Monitors

  • Lopac - Flow Monitor

    Lopac - Flow Monitor

    Two magnetically operated switches, one for the counter and one for the datalogger, are activated by the flow sensing vane. The unidirectional flow sensing vane moves to activate the above switches at all levels of flow and returns to the “off” position by gravity when flow ceases (reverse flow is not detected). The vane conforms to the circumference of the pipe during flow events thereby being virtually invulnerable to debris buildup. The...