Aquacultural Engineering Society

Aquacultural Engineering Society

Aquacultural Engineering Society

The aim of the Aquacultural Engineering Society (AES) is to provide a means by which its members can come together to discuss engineering problems related to aquaculture. AES works closely with other professional societies which also address aquaculture needs and issues in a more general sense. AES serves as a united voice for aquacultural engineering in the general aquacultural community and provides an engineering perspective to the problems and proposed solutions to these problems. AES serves as an authoritative source of information on aquacultural engineering and provides engineering support to initiatives from or for the aquaculture industry.Provide a united voice for aquacultural engineers in national and international technical deliberations.

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8969 Mountain View Drive , Copper Hill , Virginia 24079 USA
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Professional association
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Internationally (various countries)
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  • Technical information,
  • A forum where aquacultural engineering problems and potential solutions can be discussed with knowledgeable people of similar interests, and
  • A group setting where new ideas can be assessed and evaluated.

  • Provide a focal point for the discussion of engineering related topics concerning the production, processing, and distribution of aquatic organisms and products derived from these sources.
  • Develop and promote use of standards where appropriate to improve, foster, and enhance development of the aquaculture industry.
  • Provide enhanced communication and cooperation between aquacultural engineers and other scientific, technical, governmental, and industrial organizations and their members.
  • Provide a united voice for aquacultural engineers in national and international technical deliberations.
  • Provide opportunities for continuing education to society members and, where appropriate, the aquacultural community and the general public.
  • Provide opportunities for publication, presentation, and dissemination of technical information addressing aquacultural engineering topics.
  • Provide members with economical access to appropriate printed and electronic sources of information.

AES is designed to be a low overhead society and as such will endeavor to hold its annual meeting in conjunction with other related societies (e.g. WAS, AFS, ASAE, etc.) in order to reduce member travel costs and enable members to attend as many professional meetings as possible. The majority of society business will be conducted at the society's annual meeting. Between annual meetings the society business will be conducted by the officers and/or the board of directors. The operation of the AES is governed by the society bylaws which are available here: AES Bylaws.