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  • Measurement Equipment and Communications Systems

    Measurement Equipment and Communications Systems

    In order to record what is happening to the facility, the fish and the environment, we require advanced instrumentation equipped with relevant power sources, cables, connectors, etc. This equipment must be built for the test conditions in question. For this reason, systems derived from the offshore sector are frequently employed.

  • Torra - Vessel

    Torra - Vessel

    The vessel “Torra” is used to transport scientists rapidly to the fish and facilities. This is important when researchers gather from around the globe to test new aquaculture concepts and systems. “Torra” is 42 feet long and custom-built for research purposes. It is well equipped with relevant technologies and is adapted to be able to manoeuvre close to aquaculture facilities using a water-jet system. This means that it is not...

  • Tool Box

    Tool Box

    The application of mathematical models is part of ACE’s toolbox. We provide models to simulate the behaviour of waves and currents, and to demonstrate how nets, cage facilities and the fish themselves move under a variety of different conditions. Such models enable us to see the results, and the effective application of models and visualisation together promote a better understanding of the processes going on beneath the water surface.