AquaCulture Enterprises (ACE) provides unique consulting services to owners, investors and managers in the aquaculture industry, and has a record of producing excellent results in aquaculture development. ACE’s staff managed the construction of the nation’s largest yellow perch aquaculture facility in 2011 as well as a multi-million dollar production facility in 2012.

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P.O. Box 366 , Ashley , Indiana 46705 USA

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Business Type:
Consulting firm
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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Nationally (across the country)


With its exclusive formula for success, Total Project Integration, ACE walks with you through the process of:

  • establishing a vision for your aquaculture project
  • fine-tuning a budget
  • selecting a site
  • developing the scope
  • hiring a general contractor and sub-contractors
  • managing your project to the very last detail

ACE’s mission is to enable owners and investors to creatively pursue their vision and command their project from conception to completion. With expertise born of experience, ACE is a partner in taking aquaculture development from mere idea or blueprint to the vivid reality of water, steel, and energy.