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  • Chemicals

  • Spawning Agents for Finfish

    Spawning Agents for Finfish

    Carp pituitariesIn nature, reproductive development and spawning in finfish is controlled by environmental factors such as temperature, photoperiod, nutrition, water quality, and presence of spawning substrate. In aquaculture, it is not always possible or economically feasible to replicate nautral conditions especially as many species are now grown some distance from their original geographic location. Thus, endocrine or a combrination of endocrine...

  • Tranquilizers for Aquatic Animals

    Tranquilizers for Aquatic Animals

    Eugénol-Methoxyphenol (Clove-oil) is obtained from the buds, leaves and stems of clove trees (Eugenia sp.). It is a very usefull, natural and environmental friendly tranquilizer, which can be used for various fish species. A higher tolerance against longer exposure times gives a greater security and makes the application under practice condition much more easier. Because of the low dosage (30-90 ppm) there occures also no...

  • Disinfectants for Aquaculture

    Disinfectants for Aquaculture

    We supply various chemicals for desinfection in aquaculture and aquaria. Some chemicals are in some countries only allowed for fish which are not used for human consumption, like eggs, spawners or ornamental fish.

  • Fishes

  • Arctic Charr and Lake Trout

    Arctic Charr and Lake Trout

    The breeders origins from populations of alpine lakes. Suitable for stocking in alpine lakes, reservoirs and dams, as well as for the production of seafood. The fish are raised in netcages with live zooplankton and therefore are extremely vital and of high stocking value. A high growth rate as well as an excellent meat combined with a nice colour and large sizes are main...

  • Grayling and Danube Salmon

    Grayling and Danube Salmon

    The breeders are caught in springtime in various rivers. Since some years we hold also breeders in captivity. A special feed guarantees relative high fertilization rates. Reproduction and raising of fingerlings takes place at the nursery farm with live zooplankton and later on also with dry food. Excellent results have already been achieved with restocking projects.

  • Netcage Systems

  • Circular Netcages

    Circular Netcages

    We supply a wide range of single, double and triple ring cage collars, using black high density polyethylene (HD-PE 80-100) pipes in sizes from 200 to 450 mm Ø, optional mounted with either dip galvanized steel or injection moulded plastic brackets (mounted usually every 2-3 m). All build with heavy gauge handrail and upright pipe (110-160 mm Ø) to resist deformation. The tailormade circular cages with a diameter from 10-60 m (32-189 m...

  • Polymer Coated Polyester Nets for Cages

    Polymer Coated Polyester Nets for Cages

    This special polymere coated polyester net is very strong and stable, but also flexible. The nets are 100 % stronger than conventional nylon nets, are highly UV-resistant, suitable for seawater and need no antifouling. They need less maintainance and have fewer escapes than nylon nets. Nets having been in use for more than 20 years still look like new and save a lot of total operation costs! The material is available on coils with a width of 3,6 m...

  • Submersible Netcages for Offshore Farming

    Submersible Netcages for Offshore Farming

    This 'Vineta' cages are developed for industrial farming of various fish species (i.e.: Seabass, Seabream, Grouper, Salmon, Sturgeon etc.) all the year round at exposed open water areas such as seas and oceans. To prevent demage from storm impact and to provide optimum conditions for fish farming, the cage can be submerged. Completed with a painted or galvanized framework with a net chamber enclosed and a feed bunker on it allowing automatic feed...

  • Incubation Systems

  • Jar Incubators

    Jar Incubators

    Used successfully for over 20 years by federal, state and professional hatcheries and fish producers here and abroad, this McDonald type hatching jar become the standard of the fish farming industry. It can be used for a wide variety of species like: Salmonids, Thymallids, Coregonids, Acipenserids, Percids, Cyprinids etc. Made of clear, high impact, easy to clean plastic, this uniquely designed hatching system enables uniformely distributed water to...

  • Vertical Incubators for Salmonid Eggs

    Vertical Incubators for Salmonid Eggs

    This vertical incubator guarantees safe rearing conditions and is available with 4, 8 or 16 trays approx. 60 x 60 cm (for 50.000, 100.000 or 200.000 eggs respectively up to 1 liter eggs per tray) made from strong non toxic plastic material and includes the aluminum frames (approx. 44, 82 or 175 cm high) and all egg trays (approx. 50 x 40 x 4 cm) with PVC coated polyester screens. Optional an isolation panel (clear or black) is available.

  • Diets & Feeds

  • Natural Diets

    Natural Diets

    Brine Shrimp Eggs are the dormancy-eggs (cysts) of Artemia salina, it is a kind of miniature shrimp (crustacea) which distribute widely and bear high sale. At present more than 500 Artemia producing areas in the world are known (such as America, China, Iran and Russia). It's cysts may be conserved very long, and can be hatched as they are needed. The naupii hatch after 18-30 hours in warm (24-30 degree C) salt water (1.5-3.5 % salt), and possess...

  • Extruded Energy Feed for Fishes

    Extruded Energy Feed for Fishes

    This specially formulated and extruded dry feed with a reddish-brown colour has a well balanced fatty acid profile and promotes good appetite, fast growth, high survival and fish health. The extruded feeds are based on raw material of superior quality and are formulated as a starter and grower feed specially in closed water or recirculation systems, with minimal phospate content and low nitrogen excretion. The particle sizes are also very stable in...