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  • Automated Belt Feeding

    Automated Belt Feeding

    The automated feeding system is made from high-quality materials and can be used in all circumstances. A lid protects the food from humidity. Food in any grain-size can be put in. Handling and servicing of the device is very simple and problem-free. The difference from other belt-feeding devices is that the belt is driven by a 24-volt AC motor. Amongst other things this had the advantage that feeding-intervals can be set electronically. The electronic...

  • Feeding Mats

    Feeding Mats

    For the optimal first feeding of trys. The implementation of these mats for the purpose of feeding lake trout, sea trout, and especially for sea samlets and salmon, has proved very successful over many years. The best results are achieved in a circulating current tank with a diameter of over 1.50 m. The mats are placed on the bottom of the tank at regular intervals, with the pimples face down. Within minutes nearly all the offspring hide under the...

  • Feeding Trays

    Feeding Trays

    With egg, slip and slit grooves: This system was developed by Mr. Mathias Prexl and is implemented in fish farms where, despite limited space, eggs and/or a large number of spawn or fry are produced. The feeding trays are supplied with 3 compartments and can be stacked. Up unto 20,000 trout eggs and 12,000 salmon eggs can be put in each compartment.

  • Firzlaff-Box for Freshwater and Sea Fish Breeding

    Firzlaff-Box for Freshwater and Sea Fish Breeding

    With slip compartments and slit grooves. Years of experience in freshwater and sea fish breeding as well as stocking measures in a variety of waters formed the basis for the development of a revolutionary egg hatching system for salmonid eggs in natural freshwaters. The stainless steel, floodwater-proof egg incubation box is implemented in the professional / controlled incubation of salmonid eggs as well as for high quality stock breeding.

  • Net Cages

    Net Cages

    This special polyester net material is coated with a polymer and therefore is very stable. It is also suitable for use in salt water. The material is resistant to UV radiation and virtually everlasting. The net can be delivered in different mesh sizes from 1.0 mm. up to 40.0 mm. Because of the big surface mass, additional weighting for the net is no longer needed. We can supply coils of the material as well as ready-to-use nets. Simple PVC tubes or a...

  • Model GFK - Rearing Tanks and Basins

    Model GFK - Rearing Tanks and Basins

    For rearing and keeping - round, square and rectangular tanks. Fibreglass-reinforced polyester basins have been tried and tested in fish-farming for many years. Depending on the size and shape of the basins, the GFK coating consists of at least 500 g/square metre fibreglass matting combined with polyester resin. So for example the total weight of a round basin with an outer diameter of 3.10 m., 0.07 m. height and 0.25 m. base is approximately 165 kg....