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AquaOptima is a supplier of RAS (recirculation aquaculture systems) since 1993, and has designed and supplied hatcheries and grow-out land-based farms world wide for a variety of cold and warm water species. The company has special experience in farming of Atlantic Cod, farming of Atlantic Salmon and farming of Barramundi, and offer training of staff and operational assistance of these species.

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Dronningens gate 15 , Trondheim , Sor-Trondelag 7046 Norway

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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AquaOptima was founded in 1993, based on know-how and inventions from comprehensive R&D activity in SINTEF 1 in the period of 1985-1993.

AquaOptima specializes in recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS), and, based on its own unique technology, offers hatcheries and grow-out land-based farms to the world market for a variety of species.

Market leader in Recirculation Systems - RAS

AquaOptima has developed industrial products and its own system for intensive fish farming in tanks and recirculation of water - RAS. The system is based on patented products and removal of solids directly from fish tanks that ensures better water quality inside tank and better suitability for treatment of water in prior to recirculation.

This enhanced water quality by use of this system is documented in R&D projects in Norway and USA, see R&D page.

AquaOptima has delivered RAS for warm and cold-water species and for fresh and sea water all over the world since 1993. As of now the company has experience in species like Atlantic salmon, Arctic char, Atlantic cod, Halibut, Rainbow trout, Tilapia, Sea bass, Sea bream, Barramundi, Japanese flounder, Turbot, Eel, Tiger puffer fish and Sturgeon.

Design & Engineering

AquaOptima specializes in design, engineering and supply of equipment. Based on production plans we make lay-out of buildings with tanks, water treatment and technical rooms. We do all engineering necessary for providing client with quotation from local contractors for construction and installation, with the specification and pricing of all necessary equipment.

We work as an independent company in terms of supply, and choose equipment most suitable for each project, most often a combination of equipment from Norway, Europe, USA, South East Asia, and local supplies from the actual country. In this way we seek to find the most optimal solution for the clients, still ensuring the quality and performance of the RAS.

We also supervise during installation and perform the commissioning and assistance during the first period of operation.

Based on our own software models, we also perform feasibility studies as input to clients business plan and decisions for investment.