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  • Trout Caviar

    Trout Caviar

    When our trout are slaughtered, the roe is carefully harvested by hand, and the process of making caviar begins right away.The fresh trout eggs are taken from the roe sack, and the membranes are removed. Depending on our customers’ wishes, the eggs are now salted and treated to meet a number of quality criteria, before leaving the processing plant, ready for consumption as caviar.

  • Trout


    AquaPri is one of the largest trout farmers in Denmark, and we strive to keep improving our product, in order to handpick the quality you require. The trout are hatched at our inland farms, where they spend the first months of their lives. The controlled environment of these farms gives us the opportunity to ensure the very best conditions for their on-growing.

  • Pike Perch

    Pike Perch

    As the only company in the world, AquaPri has developed a method to make pike perch spawn four times a year. This gives us the unique opportunity to supply fresh pike perch to you whenever you require it. We are very proud to be able to offer fresh farmed pike perch all year round, especially as we can guarantee a top quality product every time. This is also why top restaurant chefs have come to prefer our farmed fish to the wild caught. The mild,...