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  • Freshwater

    Rainbow trouts can be grown in a huge variety of farm conditions and environments. Culturing rainbow trouts in fresh water facilities has spread around the world. Today the rainbow trout is successfully produced in run-through freshwater ponds or race way systems, net cages in lakes as well as intensive recirculated systems.

  • AquaSearch - Freshwater

    AquaSearch - Freshwater

    Production of pan size (250 – 450g) rainbow trouts is expanding worldwide. Freshwater fish farmers are working hard to optimize their farming operation to keep up with a growing consumers demand for this delicious and healthy product and increase profitability at the same time. Most branches of the aquaculture industry are contributing to the quest, ranging from improved feed formulation to intensive farm designs and innovative...

  • AquaSearch - Fresh Unique

    AquaSearch - Fresh Unique

    A full scale family breeding programme including important traits like growth potential and feed conversion rate on all generations and breeding lines, continues to be the cornerstones in AquaSearch breeding programme. In combination with other breeding parameters and breeding tools, this means large genetic progress in every generation.

  • AquaSearch - Late for Pigmented Rainbow Trout

    AquaSearch - Late for Pigmented Rainbow Trout

    Whether the fish is marketed fresh at 1,5 – 2,5 kg, or even larger specimens are produced for smoking purposes, or live fish for stocking of fishing ponds etc., large, well pigmented rainbow trout produced in freshwater is a valuable cost effective supplement to the more traditional freshwater product: pan size rainbow trout.

  • Saltwater

    Large rainbow trout of 2,5 kg and more, with well pigmented flesh and attractive silvery exterior has become an ever more popular alternative or supplement to the Atlantic salmon and other salmonids in sea farming. In addition to the positive consumer perception of the saltwater reared rainbow trout, also recognized as steelheads or ocean trout in the market, the general characteristics of the rainbow trout gives this species a competitive edge in sea farming compared to other salmonid species.

  • AquaSearch - Model TRIP - Saltwater

    AquaSearch - Model TRIP - Saltwater

    For the production of very large, sterile (never maturing) rainbow trout in salt or freshwater, triploid eggs based on AquaSearch SALT product line are offered. These fish will continue to grow throughout their lifecycle without the characteristics and setback of maturation, allowing the fish farmer to produce (almost) whatever size of fish he desires.

  • AquaSearch - Model ROE - Large Rainbow Trout

    AquaSearch - Model ROE - Large Rainbow Trout

    The culture of large rainbow trout for roe or “caviar” production is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to wild catches of various pacific salmon species. For maximum profitability in this specialized production, all female material is crucial. Maturing males produce no roe and the rapid quality and value loss of maturing males is devastating to any line of aquaculture production.