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  • Aquatec - Fish Tank

    Aquatec - Fish Tank

    Aquatec have many years of experience in build-up concrete foundations for fish tanks. Our new PVC mold systems secure fast and easy preparation for building concrete foundations. We also use fish tanks in fiber glass depending on the purpose. Our PVC Molds are ideal for the construction of aquaculture tanks, slurry tanks, agricultural barns, treatment plants for drinking water, solid waste treatment plants and agricultural buildings.

  • Aquatec - Fish Tank Degasser

    Aquatec - Fish Tank Degasser

    In systems with limited space available and/or upgrading existing system for higher C02 removal, Aquatec Solutions Fish tank Degasser is a god solution. Besides being space efficient it allows the main flow for treatment to be reduced with up to 30-40%. Aquatec Fish Tank Degasser contributes positively by helping cleaning the water.