Encouraged by Petfood customers to work on palatants for aquafeed, Diana started building its new aquaculture division in 2006 and decided to bring in all the successful foundations and core values that had made Diana a world leader in organoleptic and nutritional solutions based on natural ingredients dedicated to Food, Pet Food, Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics industries. A PhD in fish nutrition was hired as head of R&D and he rapidly set up a unique testing center where all products performances could be verified and accurately evaluated. AQUATIV was born. AQUATIV obviously inherited Diana’s expert knowledge in hydrolysis and applied new cutting edge technologies to develop controlled hydrolysis process for marine based co-products raw materials.

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Though initial products formulations were entirely elaborated towards palatability enhancement, several years of dedicated work on marine raw material hydrolysis and the effects of small marine peptides on farmed aquatic species led to breakthroughs in identifying the physiological effects of peptide fractions in fish and shrimp.

Since then, we have been developing a wide range of functional hydrolysates (liquid or powder) able to bring functionality to the feed,improving the overall health status of the animal and increasing the productivity at the farm.
Progressing with the financial, scientific, technical and industrial network resources of Diana Group, AQUATIV expanded all over the world developed functional hydrolysates in liquid and powder form from various sources of raw materials.
AQUATIV has built up a team entirely dedicated to aquaculture, including fish and shrimp nutritionists, health specialist and veterinarians to deliver the most performing ingredients to the aquaculture industry.
AQUATIV has become the sole player entirely dedicated to delivering highly performing hydrolysates to the Aqua feed industry.


Belonging to Diana, part of Symrise AG, AQUATIV creates and offers a unique and sustainable range of marine based functional hydrolysates to Aquafeed manufacturers seeking highly enhanced feed performances.

Our solid industrial development supported by the most efficient, secure and sustainable raw material supply allow us to produce and market a unique range of highly standardized, safe and performing functional hydrolysates in liquids and powders; obtained from the freshest and most sustainable marine raw materials sources one can possibly find.

Our dedicated GMP qualified production facilities are located in South East Asia, South America and Europe with raw materials ranging from co-products of krill, squid, tilapia, shrimp, and tuna.

From raw materials to process elaboration, from product development to production, from R&D to sales ingredients sourcing, this is a team of more than 70 people that are dedicated to delivering results to the aquaculture industry.

  • Business Ambition: Be the worldwide reference for natural and sustainable bioactive solutions for aqua feed and aquaculture
  • Aquativ Vision: Sustain aqua farming productivity thanks to better feed functionalities therefore a better animal health
  • Aquativ Mission: Offer natural bioactive solutions for aqua feed

AQUATIV unique and complete range of functional hydrolysates increase feed and fish/shrimp performance through a unique combination of healthnutritional and feed intake benefits, all supported by our strong commitment to the aquaculture industry !

How can growth performances be maintained on our farmed species when fish meal and fish oil replacement are at the heart of modern feed formulation challenge ? Good quality fish meal remains an essential component of the feed for many farmed species or at certain physiological stages. Its total replacement hardly ever goes without adverse effects for the aquatic organisms.
This difference is explained by the presence in fishmeal of specific low molecular weight active compounds that are absolutely essential for animal growth and that are not found in plant based or land animal based ingredients. These essential nutrients, such as soluble peptides, nucleotides, taurine, anserine, carnosine are actually found in marine meals but they are not concentrated.

AQUATIV functional hydrolysates are precisely a concentrate of these crucial nutrients
This near perfect digestibility renders our ingredients highly bio-available for the aquatic organisms while matching their nutritional requirements of essential nutrients.

AQUATIV functional hydrolysates therefore offer feed formulators powerful solutions to :
  • Efficiently outweight FISH MEAL SUBSTITUTION drawbacks
  • Offset fishmeal quality variation
  • INCREASE feed protein DIGESTIBILITY and therefore :
    • Substantially increase growth and feed conversion rates on farm
    • Reduce farm wastes due to better N and P uptake
    • Formulate efficient feeds for early life stages where digestive capacities are limited
  • Enhance the protein life cycle of seafood protein since all our hydrolysates are obtained from fisheries or aquaculture co-products. This is a major achievement with regards to SUSTAINABLE SOURCING of quality marine proteins and a great step towards reducing the “fish in – fish out” (FIFO) ratio of the aquaculture industry

Notwithstanding their remarkable digestibility, our marine protein hydrolysates have an outstanding palatability for farmed fish and shrimp. It has been very well documented that short chain peptides of specific sequence do trigger specific taste receptors in fish and shrimp, encouraging the ingestion of feed.
Our ability to sequence our peptides (peptidomic) means that AQUATIV R&D department has been able to isolate and concentrate specific fractions in our hydrolysates that actually do stimulate fish and shrimp taste receptors.
Peptides actually also exert a positive feedback on hormonal appetite regulation pathways in fish and thereby further increase ingestion.

Fish and shrimp natural marine based diets do ensure appropriate supply of nutrients and compounds with irreplaceable bioactivity and values for health. By using only marine based raw materials and concentrating those irreplaceable compounds within its functional hydrolysates, AQUATIV truly delivers performance from nature.
Though the health enhancement properties of peptides is strongly documented for many vertebrates, including humans and fish,AQUATIV scientists have built up extensive know how in demonstrating our peptides bioactivity in vitro as well as in vivo.
Supported by applied sciences such as peptidomic and proteomic, genomic and transcriptomic, peptides fractionation and isolation, antimicrobial or antioxidant in vitro tests, AQUATIV R&D, bioengineers and technical experts elaborate and pilot our controlled hydrolysis processes and methods towards the production of the most bioactive peptides to deliver stronger results upon applications on fish and shrimp feed.

Not only do AQUATIV hydrolysates contain a complete blend of purified bioactive peptides, but there marine origin also make our ingredients a source of other valuable and highly bioavailable low molecular weight compounds such as nucleotides or taurine, adding to the presence of interesting lipids.
These natural assets make AQUATIV ingredients a natural and obvious choice to promote fish and shrimp health.
Their incorporation to the feed lead to :
  • Naturally enhancing the animals immune status and thus its disease resistance
  • Naturally increase anti-oxydative and anti microbial defenses
  • The preservation of gut health through a trophic effect of enterocytes and gut microbiota
  • Naturally decreased stress thanks to their opioid effect