At AquaTT we believe that scientific research can, and should, enrich our lives and help deliver a sustainable future for humanity. We understand that, for this to happen, the results of this research must reach the relevant decision makers, policy creators, scientists, industry groups and the wider public, so we work with European funded scientific projects to help ensure that the new knowledge they generate is effectively transferred to create maximum positive impact. AquaTT is an SME, with a not-for-profit mandate. It was founded in 1992 under the EU COMETT programme as the University Enterprise Training Partnership (UETP) for the European aquaculture industry, to coordinate the training requirements of the industry through a single body.

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Unit 3 Olympic House Pleasants Street , Dublin , Ireland Dublin 8 Ireland
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Over the past 20 years AquaTT has grown beyond its original remit to become a leader in scientific knowledge transfer and dissemination. We partner with research consortia to design projects that make a difference. We devise best practice work packages related to dissemination, communication and knowledge transfer. Traditionally we have worked with the marine and aquaculture research sectors, but recently we have become involved in projects in the areas of environment, health, food and sustainable development.

AquaTT has built a multidisciplinary team from across Europe with a range of professional backgrounds in scientific research, education, business, industry, graphic design and communication. We use our team’s collective experience to create knowledge transfer and dissemination plans specifically tailored to each new project. We provide networking and communication services including stakeholder engagement and branding.

In addition to our core partnership role in EC-funded projects, we have developed training, mentoring and advisory services through which we pass on the knowledge and skills we have gained from our experience to support others.