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  • Silos

  • Model SPA - Flat Bottom Silos

    Model SPA - Flat Bottom Silos

    SPA silos are designed for long-term storage of all kinds of cereals. Their floor is flat with air channels for grain ventilation. The rich offer allows to select the relevant size for any farm, as well as a mill, fat plant and industrial plant. Standardly, they are made from galvanized steel sheet or, upon request, from zinc-aluminium coating steel sheet (Galfan). Galfan coating ensures optimum protection in severe weather conditions.The silos...

  • Model SLA - Hopper Bottom Silos

    Model SLA - Hopper Bottom Silos

    SLA type silos are designed for long-term storage of all types of grain. They can also be used as operational silos for short-term grain storage, before or after technological processes, such as drying or cleaning. In SLA hopper silos dry or wet grain can be stored. Silos designed for storing wet grain have a special, reinforced structure of sidewall. High quality flat galvanized sheets are used for the production of SLA silos. The galvanic coating of...

  • Model SLA - Dicharge Silos

    Model SLA - Dicharge Silos

    Silos forwarding SLA are designed to dry grain, oilseed rape, maize, legumes and seeds and other bulk materials. And Is Able to maximize the performance of other facilities and Reduce the time of receipt of grain to a minimum. Depending On customer needs, try to minimize on the Involvement of human labor.

  • Dryers

  • Model S4 - Continuous Flow Dryers

    Model S4 - Continuous Flow Dryers

    They dry grain so that the moist grain is poured from above to a column, and the dry grain is collected at the bottom. Both these operations are performed independently, automatically and permanently. They are adapted to uninterrupted work throughout the reaping time. They maintain the unchanged level of drying parameters as preset by the staff. These dryers achieve the highest indices of drying uniformity. With optimisation of the drying process...