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  • Model PRO - Grain Bagger

    Model PRO - Grain Bagger

    PRO Grain Bagger is the system that allows you to store as MUCH grain as you want, WHEREVER you want, for just pennies a bushel! Since 1986, Arc Alloy Welding has been developing and manufacturing this system that stores grain in the same plastic bags used for storing silage. Design has always focused on ease of use and maintenance as well as effectiveness. PRO has been used extensively, and successfully, with both dry grain and high moisture feed...

  • Model PRO - Grain Extractor

    Model PRO - Grain Extractor

    The Arc Alloy PRO Grain Extractor allows you to easily transfer your grains from the bags to a transport truck.

  • Model PRO - Box Scraper

    Model PRO - Box Scraper

    The PRO Box Scraper is ideal for leveling, scraping and touching up drive ways. The tilt option is great for working with graduated slopes. Some innovative uses include snow removal, corral cleaning, erosion control, yard cleaning, and light road repair.

  • Ditch Closer~on Pro Box Scraper

    Ditch Closer~on Pro Box Scraper

    Hydraulic tilt option, The tilt option is great for working with graduated slopes, Ditch closer attachment, Closes up washouts, & large ruts, Fits on 10′ & 12′ Pro Box Scrapers’