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  • AutoStack - Model FS Series - Automatic Bale Loader

    AutoStack - Model FS Series - Automatic Bale Loader

    Floating system with single-action turn.Hydraulic damping in all phases of the pick-up turning cycle.Smooth, gradual, acceleration at start up. Progressive slow down at the end of a run, when moving both up and down slopes. The loading operation is carried out with a single turn of the pick-up and without the involvement of any other mechanisms. The check-control in the cabin constantly supervises all of the functions.The pick-up management programme...

  • MultiPack - Model B14 - Bale Grouper

    MultiPack - Model B14 - Bale Grouper

    Is the part of the machine which collects the bales from ground and puts them above the base of the chassis, in the bale turner mechanism.Is mounted on the lateral side of the lower chassis.It has two positions: Work position (under). Transport position (above).

  • Multi Pack - Model C14 - Bale Grouper

    Multi Pack - Model C14 - Bale Grouper

    All of the functions are controlled from the tractor cabin.Permanent information and constant control.Highly reliable performance.Constant indicators of the work cycle through the check-control.Individual bale counter, counter of grouped packs and counter of the accumulated bale total (individual units and grouped packs).Continuous, automatic working cycle. Possibility of carrying out movements manually from the control console.Warning devices and...

  • AutoPick  - Model GTi - Shaker

    AutoPick - Model GTi - Shaker

    New shaker with integrated umbrella for nuts and olives If we mix technology, expertise and breaking technology, we get the new AutoPick GTi, born to reduce cost in favour of profits.