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  • ARILI - Irrigation System

    ARILI - Irrigation System

    Advantages Of Quick Coupling Sprinkler Irrigation System; Without causing erosion, it can be used in places with sleep slopes and/or where the topography is irregular. Accounts for the ideal irrigation method where soil is shallow and the conductivity low. Components can easily be replaced after long service time and this in turn increases the economical service life of the system.

  • ARILI - Model Latch Type - Irrigation System

    ARILI - Model Latch Type - Irrigation System

    This latest system design enables easy handling and connection in the field. It is very famous for its durability, performance and being very practical. This patented system is produced in the following diameters: Ø 75mm, Ø 90mm, Ø 110mm, Ø 125mm and Ø 140mm.

  • ARILI - Drip Irrigation System

    ARILI - Drip Irrigation System

    Drip Irrigation is giving the necessary water and soluble nutriments at the time when it is required and amount needed to the root area of the plant as drips in a controlled way. In drip irrigation method, water is given frequently and in low amounts. Irrigation should begin before the earth loses its humidity and enough water for one day or couple days should be given to the plant. By this way, water stress that was happened because of lack of...

  • PP Twines - Agricultural Twines

  • ARILI - Packing Twines

    ARILI - Packing Twines

    Arili packing twines,produced from fibrillated polypropylene. Spools for central-pull use, do not tangle even to the last meter.