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  • Solar Dryers

  • Solar Drying System

    Solar Drying System

    We offer our clients Arjun Soorya, solar drying systems. The labour involved in transfer of goods from the shed to open yard and in the night again transfering back to shed is totally eliminated and hence the cost is saved. The materials are protected from getting dust  and sand, due to the wind blow. when it is dried in the open yard. We don't have to worry about the  goods getting drenched, in emergency rains.

  • Greenhouse Coverings

  • Green House Sheets

    Green House Sheets

    A wide range of imported special green house sheets and other materials is offered by us. Made of optimum quality raw materials these products are ideally used in Agriculture & Floriculture Industries. The growth and germination of the seeds is very quick and effective, when the seeds and nursery bags are put under this green house sheets.

  • Vermicompost Beds

  • HDPE Vermicompost Beds

    HDPE Vermicompost Beds

    Fabricated with high quality 'Arjun Akash' HDPE tarpaulin fabrics our offered range of beds is UV inhibited and long lasting. Provision for Aeration and vermiwash collection is provided in the above Lowcost Vermibeds. The Roof comes as an optional accessory. It can be erected in any place, in a matter of just 2 hours, and the output quantity of vermicompost is almost equal to the concrete structured based Vermi Sheds. We have this product in different...

  • Kitchen Garden Bags

  • Plant Bag

    Plant Bag

    Our manufacture range of Plants bags are fabricated with 'Arjun Akash' HDPE Materials, which are UV stabilized and widely used to grow green plants in household premises, nurseries and other gardens. These bags can last for a long period of more than 5 years and can withstand harsh sunlight. Ideal for growing green plants, vegetables and flowers. Light weight, portability and good looks are the basic features of these bags to be broadly used by the...

  • Flower Plant Bags

    Flower Plant Bags

    These bags are UV inhibited, and are long lasting. Easy to maintain, and aesthetically pleasant.