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  • Soil Samplers - Soil Sampling Kits

    AMS soil sampling kits provide complete, compact systems that utilize our most popular augers, samplers, and sampling components. Most AMS sampling kits include soil augers, soil core samplers, extensions, cross handles, slide hammers, and either a lightweight or heavy-duty carrying case. The carrying cases allow our soil sampling kits to be very portable and easy to keep organized. You can also purchase the items from any AMS soil sampling kit individually to replace worn parts or to create

  • AMS - Soil Fertility Kits

    AMS - Soil Fertility Kits

    The Agronomists’ best friend! AMS Soil Fertility Kits include everything you need for cutting and drawing samples from a variety of soil conditions. Kit contents include: 1” replaceable tip soil probe with 12” sample slot, 10” comfortably gripped cross handle, 2ft. extension, adjustable foot step, soil ejector scoop, cleaning brush, spanner wrench, general purpose tip, dry tip, wet tip, serrated tip, 1-1/4” x 18”...

  • AMS - Soil Moisture Sensor Installation Kit

    AMS - Soil Moisture Sensor Installation Kit

    Everything you need to manually install access tubes for soil moisture sensors! AMS has specifically developed the Soil Moisture Installation Kit to aid in the installation process of access tubes for various types of soil moisture sensors. The auger head provided in this kit is held to a tight tolerance and provides a precision borehole for both standard & slurry installations. The standard auger kit comes with a 65mm auger head, although 60mm...

  • AMS - Hammer-Head Soil Probe Kit

    AMS - Hammer-Head Soil Probe Kit

    The AMS Hammer-Head Soil Probe Kit features a 16'L hammer-head cross handle which can be hammered on with the (included) impact absorbing dead blow hammer. No need to lug around a heavy slide hammer anymore! A standard 10” cross handle with rubber grips also comes in the kit for regular soil conditions. Probe measures 7/8'-dia. x 33'L and is constructed of nickel plated chrome molybdenum. Hammer head is made of high-carbon, stress-proof...