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  • Adjustable Gates

    Adjustable Gates

    Artex adjustable gates are durable and flexible enough to suit any application. Easy to install and adjust, there is no cutting or clamping needed to fit our gates to your barn.  We offer a variety of options from 3, 4, and 5 bar gates with or without man pass, to hinge, latch and support wheel options. Our goal has been to provide a customized gate solution that is more affordable than the cost of having a custom gate built. Even though our...

  • Calf Zone Pens

  • Zone Pens

    Zone Pens

     Protecting your calves is easy with the pen-to-pen isolation offered by Artex Calf Zone Pens. More suited for temperate and colder climates, our pens protect calves from drafts and coming into contact with animals in adjoining pens. Whether you are mounting to a structural wall or in stand-alone rows, Artex Calf Pens are fully customizable with a variety of wall length’s, back wall options, and bucket and bottle options.

  • Artex - Raised Calf Pens

    Artex - Raised Calf Pens

    Raised Artex Calf Pens have been designed specifically for hot and tropical climates where enhanced ventilation is needed. The raised modular slatted floor allows for manure flush systems and better airflow. With the same commitment to easy cleaning, slatted floors and PVC walls are easily installed and removed for intensive cleaning and disinfecting.

  • Cow Cooling Products

  • Artex - High Pressure Misting Systems

    Artex - High Pressure Misting Systems

    Artex high pressure misting systems provide added cow cooling during hot summer months when simply air velocity alone is not enough to cool your herd. With a high-pressure fogging system, micron-sized fog droplets of water are pushed out into the environment and flash evaporated without making contact with the ground. This reduces the ambient temperature in your barn or parlour 5°F/2°C to 30°F/16°C depending on the temperature and the...

  • Artex - Storm Cooling Fans

    Artex - Storm Cooling Fans

    Artex Storm fans create the extreme velocity needed to cool cows, control insects, dry bedding and ensure the comfort of your animals and employees. Designed with versatility in mind, Storm fans have adjustable louvers that allow farmers to direct air over and under cows easily. This ensures that airflow is directed straight onto the cow's body and there is no wasted air in your barn. Our most powerful circulation fan, a single 72” storm fan can...