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  • Algapower


    ALGAPOWER is a product made from concentrated seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) containing amino acids of vegetal origin and biologically active substances. The action of the amino acid complements the algae beneficial effects on crops. It provides nitrogen and protein substances, in order to avoid the extra energy expenditure, that amino acids synthesis means to plants.

  • Sugar Transfer

    Sugar Transfer

    SUGAR TRANSFER is a product that incorporates magnesium in its formulation, a key element in the formation of chlorophyll and one of those responsible for the plants to carry out photosynthesis processes. Involved in the plants respiration process (glycolysis) activating the main enzymes in the Krebs cycle, resulting in obtaining certain organic acids. With the application of the product, through the process of photosynthesis,  a translocation of...

  • Humipower Solid

    Humipower Solid

    HUMIPOWER SOLID is a solid humic amendment rich in humic acids. Indicated to improve soil structure and highly tired  mineralized soils. Promotes the release of blocked nutrients and stimulates soil retention capacity. Includes mycorrhizae that improves vegetative stimulating action on the roots and aerial parts of plants. Allows better balanced development, and as a consecuence, increasing production. It contains silicon for improving plant root...

  • Xilotrom


    XILOTROM is a product obtained by fermentation of plant materials, designed to enhance and strengthen the root system of the plant inducing strengthening due to the varied amount of root promoting substances that have been generated during fermentation. The application induces a fortifying effect that not effect the metabolism of the plant, allowing better root development. Perform several preventively applications to promote plant growth and enhance...

  • Lignomix


    Lignomix is a product formulated from microelements (copper, manganese and zinc), complexed with aluminum lignosulfonate. Product intended for use in vegetable, fruit and citrus, perfect to combat citrus gummosis and watery.

  • Nemaquill


    NEMAQUILL is a liquid product based on natural products, whose continued employment adds organic matter to the soil, improving their properties: structure, ion exchange capacity and microbial activity. This improves the root system by increasing the level of organic matter, increases the vegetative mass achieving higher crop yields. QC issued by BCS in accordance with regulation (EC) No 889/2008, USDA/NOP-Final rule (EE.UU.) 205.203(c)(3) and JAS No....