As Fors MW

As Fors MW was founded in 1992 in Estonia. The group produces, markets and sells through dealers the market leading brands BIGAB hook lift system, FARMA lumber trailers and NIAB tractor processors.

Company details

Tule 30 , Saue , Harju County 76505 Estonia

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Forestry
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

AS FORS MWs headquarter is placed in Saue, Estonia 15km from the main capital Tallinn. The Group consists out of the parent company AS FORS MW and the subsidiaries Farma Norden AB (Norrköping, Sweden) and ForsMW/China (Shanghai, China).

The Fors MW vision
AS FORS MWs vision is to be recognized as a global leading actor in its field of industry.

The Fors MW mission
Our mission is to become a business as great as our products. 

Business idea
The business idea of AS FORS MW is to market, develop, manufacture and sell small and medium scaled customer-oriented high quality products to a competitive price level in areas such as agriculture, forestry and entrepreneurship. 

The spirit of the company is founded on the beliefs that it is better to earn less per sold product and sell volumes then to do the opposite. The Fors MW business idea is not unique in any sense but for companies that have turned to it and stuck with it to the last dime, it has surely been successful. The Fors MW business idea is based upon the principle that Fors MW produces a product for a price that the customer finds reasonable to pay.

It is not in the minds of Fors MW to turn to price increase as an easy solution for solving profitability. In order to continue to keep pace with the business idea, at the same time as increasing turn over and profitability, we need to keep focus on best price, in all areas.

Best price is achieved by;

  • Having few middlemen
  • Buying in large volumes
  • Having a broad, in – depth knowledge of product development,      requirements and end user
  • Buying the right products from the right market
  • Being cost – conscious at every stage
  • Having efficient production.

Our values

The company values are greatly connected with the group’s business idea. In their daily efforts, the employees are guided by the culture and values developed over the years. With common values, continuity is established, necessary in building and maintaining operations that are successful and that can be maintained over the long term. The group bases its values out of customer, employee and shareholder satisfaction. 

We create value through good awareness of the needs of our customers and their regional presence. The awareness of the needs of customers is the group’s main factor for success. We have a high level of customer satisfaction but there is always a need for improvement in strive for the highest rated customer satisfaction within the business. 

We strive to be a well respected and attractive workplace where the employees are skilled and highly motivated. Activities within the company should be characterized by the desire to continuously develop personal skills as well as company. 

To provide shareholders with solid growth in value and a rising dividend, Fors MW must achieve its financial targets. Continues growth and profitability of Fors MW translates into a valuable ownership for its owners and a stable nourishing work environment for the employees.