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AS-Motor Germany GmbH & Co KG is the number 1 in the high grass mower market. The product range covers the full range of special equipment for garden and landscape care for professionals and demanding home users. On the technical side, we have been through the optimization of processes, achieved an increase in productivity as well as through the development and introduction of new products substantial progress. Now we intend to significantly increase our marketing.

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Ellwanger Straße 15 , Bühlertann , Baden-Wurttemberg 74424 Germany

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Internationally (various countries)


Depth for your most rigorous requirements

High manufacturing depth, a sense of responsibility, competence and reliability - these are not just virtues of yesterday, they are the values of today. They flow into all production processes, in order to assure quality requirements on the highest level at our site in the Swabian town Bühlertann. The results are outstanding products 'Made in Germany' - bearing the AS-Motor trademark as a quality seal, every day they ensure that our customers are more than satisfied.


Our profession is perfection - and it starts with the materials

All mower housings are made of galvanized plastic-coated steel - thus they are break-proof, dimensionally stable and insensitive. The Bowden cables are made of stainless steel and thus remain extremely stable under load, even in continuous use. The blade bars of the cross blades and double blades, manufactured employing high forging art, are fabricated of hardened special spring steel - they are extremely impact resistant in use over a very long period of time. Expert, trained employees who have worked for AS-Motor for many years produce our machines - they always comply with the rules of quality assurance and the extensive test processes.


First-class has a tradition - and so does our passion for innovation

AS-Motor has been designing and building motorised devices for garden/landscape care for over 50 years. All devices are adapted to their application area with no compromises; each machine must fulfil a purpose: To optimally relieve you of the work. Consequently, at AS-Motor there are machines that perfectly, quickly and safely perform their task even on the most difficult terrain. These include classics like the AS-Allmäher® - with a form that follows only function and robust construction that is configured for a long working life. The idea of offering you high performance - low maintenance technology for the most rigorous requirements, included - is common to all our machines.


Quality as a trademark requires service without question marks

Through our own sales organization and the partnership-based collaboration with our authorised dealers, we ensure reliable, competent and sustainable maintenance of all AS-Motor devices. The modular and easy-to-replace structure of the 2-stroke engines leaves few open questions - with this structure we achieve cost-effective and customer-oriented maintenance in order to keep your devices fit for the demanding use over a long period of time.


Advantages - also for all implements

We keep all device parts, right down to the smallest screw, on hand for our customers for at least 12 years after a series or model is discontinued. Thus from the maintenance perspective as well, you can have complete security and can rely on your AS-Motor devices for a long time.


The best engine for a machine: Inventive genius.

Each machine reflects our efforts to further perfect that which is good. Because from tradition and passion we always seek the best solution, we succeed with innovations even in areas where almost all possibilities have been exhausted. The sum total of inventive genius, care, reliability and 'Made in Germany' has made us a quality supplier from Bühlertann that is known throughout the world. A gratifying success and a good incentive for us, as a family, to actively pursue this course for our customers.