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  • Professional Lawn Mower

  • Model AS 53 2T 4WD - Professional Lawn Mower

    Model AS 53 2T 4WD - Professional Lawn Mower

    The only four-wheel lawn mower in its class, the AS 53 4WD sets the course. Defy narrow road-side ditches, hilly ground, embankments and mountain slopes! Four-wheel drive provides climbing power and traction when mowing, making headway when other mowers have reached their limit. The cutting height can be adjusted to six levels on each axle, while vibrations are absorbed by the rubber bearing arrangement of the engine. Friction clutch prevents...

  • Mulching Mower

    One step mowing and mulching; A perfect cut, protection and fertiliser for the lawn. Modern mulch mowers from AS-Motor shred the grass to create a fine mulch that sinks almost invisibly back into the cut surface. The lawn is fertilised by the mulch and is protected against rapid drying out.

  • AS ProClip - Model 420 4T - Mulching Mower

    AS ProClip - Model 420 4T - Mulching Mower

    A cutting-edge experience: Wide and manoeuvrable. Briggs & Stratton: Mow and mulch in one work step – with special blade shaft bearings and 42 cm cutting width. The successful AS 510 , is now in good company; it will be accompanied by the stable SuperClip. Even in confined or angled spaces, this excellent mulching mower with 42 cm width delivers ideal results: The fine mowings disappear into the cut grass. Features: Light and manoeuvrable,...

  • Flail Mower

    Flail mower: Intelligent blades that yield; The flail blades rotate around a single axis with such efficiency that they chop the cuttings several times over. In this process they give way to rocks and obstacles so that the robust mower deck offers long-term resistance to the high loads to which it is subjected. Thanks to the masterful defibration and chopping the cut grass can remain on the ground as fertilizer – with a width of up to 90 cm you can also work on large areas extremely safel

  • AS - Model 701 SM - Flail Mower

    AS - Model 701 SM - Flail Mower

    Easy to-Use Steering Brake: The single wheel steering brake ensures precise, efficient machine control. Rugged Flail Mowing Mechanism: Generously-sized axle with maintenance-free bearings and 20 Y-flails. High Work Rate: Ideal for mowing and mulching rough terrain, even on slopes. Lightweight and Well-Balanced: Stable, lightweight construction with double-skinned mower hood and rigid rectangular frame. Low, central centre of gravity for optimal...

  • Brush Cutter

    The Allmäher® from AS-Motor is a specialist that does not think of stopping, adapts itself to every situation and makes headway everywhere. It even supplies perfect mowing results where limits are imposed on manual work with a brushcutter – even in areas that are only mowed once or twice a year. You can get an AS-Motor mower that precisely satisfies your requirements from your AS-Motor dealer – whether your requirements involve high, thick-growth meadows, embankments, slope

  • AS - Model 21 4T B&S - Brush Cutter

    AS - Model 21 4T B&S - Brush Cutter

    Mow, mulch, lunch break – with a 51 cm cutting width even in confined spaces and where the terrain has a slight incline. The distinctive 3-wheel concept of the best-known AS Motor classic is ideal for mowing and mulching in the smallest angles and even in narrow curves. The brush cutter AS 21 4T B&S is easy to steer, manoeuvrable, and it also climbs hills easily with the powerful, rear-wheel drive of its Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke...

  • Rotary Mower

    Rotary mowers: Designed for producing green fodder. The rotary mower makes a clean cut, so that the cuttings can be further used for animal feed, and it facilitates collection. Cut as long as possible, everything stays fresh longer – subsequently the disc mower cleanly deposits the cuttings in a swath row-by-row. This means that more than half the work is already done and the rest is executed through row-by-row loading as an easy routine practice.

  • AS - Model 565 KM - Rotary Mower

    AS - Model 565 KM - Rotary Mower

    Appetising: A clean cut and deposition in the swath facilitates subsequent work in all things concerning feed use. The economical and low-maintenance alternative to the bar mower is a very special invention for all those who want to use the grass, unchopped, as fodder. No more raking, only row-by-row loading, that’s it. Thanks to the manoeuvrable construction, all this can even be used on narrow terrain with blades supported by moving bearings...