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AS Remedium

Dimedium is a wholesale distributor of veterinary medicines and vaccines, livestock supplies, crop and fish farming products, as well as pet products. The company operates under the slogan “For a healthy animal”.Dimedium was formed by merging two oldest wholesalers of veterinary medicines and products in Estonia – family businesses Dimela and Remedium. Both its predecessors have been dedicated to promoting and supporting Estonian agriculture and animal health for more than 24 years.

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C.T. von Neffi 4 Piira , Lääne-Virumaa , Lääne-Viru County 46607 Estonia
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Remedium fields of activities and programs

  • The most comprehensive fields of Remedium are veterinary and livestock farming.
  • Remedium is a trustworthy partner of progressive farmers and veterinarians, who offers full solutions by creating efficiency.
  • The know-how of Remedium experts extends to different animal species, however the main focus remains on dairy farming.
  • The activity of Remedium experts is concentrated into six programs.
  • In order to advance Estonian dairy farming, Remedium experts have developed and applied a system of four programs, which considers dairy farm as a whole and ensures its effective growth.

  • Effective milk production is based on longevous and healthy dairy herd, vital herd replacement with high genetic potential, animal friendly conditions, balanced feed of high quality and skillfully managed operational processes.
  • The most suitable solutions for accomplishing targets are elaborated in co-operation with dairy farm.
  • In the frames of every program, Remedium experts use performance indicators, surveys and interviews to plot out the targets, present situation and obstacles.
  • Remedium uses all of its resources to find the best solution: professional know-how in dairy farm management, veterinary medicinal products and vaccines of high quality, health and hygiene products, breeding material, milk replacers, feedingstuffs and additives, as well as hardware and software solutions.

  • Remedium experts value long-term partnership and personal approach to customers.
  • We highly appreciate continual contribution to the knowledge and competence of Remedium experts and our customers.
  • Setting common targets enables us to achieve better results!