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  • FeedMax - Model 2 - Tractor Tow

    FeedMax - Model 2 - Tractor Tow

    Able to handle 2 big square bales (8x4x4 or 8x4x3). Can accommodate round bales. Able to handle silage. PTO-drive unit (for towing by tractor).

  • HAYMAX - Hay Super Conditioner

    HAYMAX - Hay Super Conditioner

    Reduce drying time of hay crops by up to 50%. Reduction in drying time reduces risk of damage through exposure. Reduction in drying time significantly improves colour & nutritional value by preserving sugar content that ordinarily converts to starch over a prolonged drying period. Preservation of sugar content improves palatability of hay which increases consumption rate and reduces wastage when hay is fed out to stock. Super Conditioning makes...

  • Windrow - Shifter

    Windrow - Shifter

    The Ashmore Engineering Windrow Shifter has been designed to serve 2 specific functions: Shift wet windrows across to dry ground (through the use of a baler-type pick-up) to aerate the hay without inverting the windrow (thus limiting exposure of material to excess weathering and bleaching). Offset a windrow to combine with another windrow for baling purposes. Thus the Ashmore Engineering Windrow Shifter substantially reduces/eliminates the need for...