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  • Greenhouses

  • Asthor - Model Gothic - Greenhouse

    Asthor - Model Gothic - Greenhouse

    The Asthor Gothic Greenhouse has been designed for the most demanding horticulturists. Conceived for both cold and warm climates thanks to its gothic shape, in the Asthor Gothic Greenhouse we have more inside volume of air, better ventilation, higher luminosity, improved evacuation of condensation and better conditions in general, all this including a stronger structure and a greenhouse which can hold any kind of crop. With Asthor Gothic Greenhouse we...

  • Asthor - Convertible Greenhouses

    Asthor - Convertible Greenhouses

    Asthor Convertible Greenhouse is a variation of Asthor Gothic Greenhouse, designed for warm mild temperature weathers. In the Asthor Convertible Greenhouse the roof top ventilations are installed opened so the ventilation is continuous, but it can later be automatized with a small investment. The possibility of installing lateral ventilations maximize the greenhouse productive capacity. The Asthor Convertible Greenhouse is an investment for those...

  • Asthor - Multiasthor Greenhouse

    Asthor - Multiasthor Greenhouse

    The Multiasthor Greenhouse is a greenhouse designed for any kind of crop in temperate zones. The shape design allows a uniform light transmission through the roof with a perfect distribution of the light. The possibility of installing side or roof ventilations enables perfect inner conditions. The possibility of installing roof or/and side ventilations enables perfect growing conditions. The roof ventilations can be simple ½ bay or double 1/4...

  • Asthor - Model PV - Greenhouse

    Asthor - Model PV - Greenhouse

    Asthor PV Greenhouse is designed for regions with a warm-mild climate during all the year. The design of the Asthor PV Greenhouse, with a fixed roofed more efficient ventilation as long as it protects the crop against more adverse atmospheric effects. Its special design prevents the entrance of rain while achieving a continuous ventilation, with excellent inside conditions for growing.

  • Asthor - Tunnel

    Asthor - Tunnel

    Asthor Tunnel is an economic structure manufactured by Asthor, but with the strength that defines Asthor. Its easy and fast assembly system which does not require concrete in the footings makes it possible to change its placing. Its design also allows to install it even in slopes. Its full opening fronts and the possibility of installing side ventilations create an efficient ventilation inside the greenhouse. Asthor Tunnel is the right model for...

  • Asthor - Straight Walls Tunnel

    Asthor - Straight Walls Tunnel

    Asthor Straight Walls Tunnel is an evolution of Asthor Tunnel. In this greenhouse the straight walls allow a better use of the inside space, a bigger inside volume and enables an easier way of working. Thanks to the ventilations all along the side walls we can achieve an excellent ventilation and inside conditions.

  • Equipments

  • Asthor - Ventilations and Fans

    Asthor - Ventilations and Fans

    Asthor ventilations whether manually handled or automated, let us achieve an appropriate temperature and humidity: Roof ventilations: Simple of ¼ bay or ½ bay, double up to 45%. Front and lateral ventilations. Roll-up, folding or guillotine ventilations. The horizontal airflow fans can reduce the inside humidity, lower the temperature and get more uniform temperature and humidity all inside the greenhouse.

  • Climate and Irrigation Controlling

    Climate and Irrigation Controlling

    Asthor equips its greenhouses with the best climate and irrigation controllers and sensors when required. Our teams advise, install and set up different controllers and sensors, depending on the customer needs and the project. Asthor also provides great variety of irrigation controllers, advising, installing and setting up the best solution for each project.