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  • Greenhouses

  • Asthor - Model Gotic - Greenhouses

    Asthor - Model Gotic - Greenhouses

    The Asthor Gotic Greenhouse has been designed for the most demanding horticulturists. In the Asthor Gotic greenhouse we have more volume of air, better ventilation, higher luminosity, improved evacuation of condensation and better conditions in general, all this including a stronger structure capable to withstand the weight of any crop and auxiliary equipment such as screen, lights, heating pipes, etc. With a gotic shape dome, we will get a bigger air...

  • ASTHOR - Model O.C.V. - Greenhouses

    ASTHOR - Model O.C.V. - Greenhouses

    The shape of the arch of Asthor O.C.V. is similar to Asthor Gothic. The difference between both is that the structure of Asthor O.C.V. is lighter. Asthor O.C.V. is designed for zones without strong winds. It has the same advantages as the Asthor Gothic, and it also allows the utilization of all the climate control auxiliary systems. Furthermore, the roof and walls ventilations can be either manual or automatic. One of the big advantages of the Asthor...

  • Asthor - Convertible Greenhouses

    Asthor - Convertible Greenhouses

    This model is a variation of the Asthor Gothic. This greenhouse is ideal for countries with mild climates where the temperature differences between night and day are not very significant. In the Asthor Convertible model, we can leave the roof windows blocked always opened, being possible to add in the future the open-close system, manual or automatic.

  • Equipments

  • Crop Tables

    Crop Tables

    Asthor Crop Tables Fixed or mobile. Asthor mobile crop tables allow the maximum use of the space. Galvanised steel structure. Galvanised steel or aluminium sides. PVC bottoms for flooding irrigation. Metallic mesh or high impact polystyrene. Standard widths: 1.6; 1.8 and 2m.

  • Thermal Screens

    Thermal Screens

    Total or shadow darkening thermal screens. With Asthor thermal screens we will get optimum conditions for the crops inside the greenhouses. Spreading and picking up systems by racks and gearmotors controlled by luminity or temperature probes.