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  • Advances in Multiaxial Fatigue

    Advances in Multiaxial Fatigue

    24 papers in 5 categories: • Multiaxial Fatigue Life Models • Experimental Multiaxial Fatigue Studies • Multiaxial Stress-Strain Behavior • Multiaxial Micro/Macro Crack Growth Studies • Multiaxial Fatigue of Notched Components.

  • Effects of Radiation on Materials

    Effects of Radiation on Materials

    Describes current research on the effects of radiation on structural materials. The section on Ceramics and Nuclear Fuels has five papers that reflect this interest. Other topics include: • Irradiation facilities• Current commercial power reactor systems• Micro structural characterization of irradiation pressure vessel steels• Fracture and tensile properties of neutron-irradiated zirconium alloys

  • Fracture Mechanics: Perspectives and Directions (20th Symposium)

    Fracture Mechanics: Perspectives and Directions (20th Symposium)

    Provides overviews of the major developments in fracture mechanics and associated applications over the past 20 years, and highlights directions for future developments and applications. 6 major sections include: • Analytical Fracture Mechanics• Nonlinear and Time Dependent Fracture Mechanics• Microstructure and Micro mechanical Modeling• Fatigue Crack Propagation• Environmentally Ass