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  • Integrated Aquaculture Systems

    With its vertically integrated approach including engineering, biology, manufacturing, and operator training, Atlantech® Companies can offer turnkey fin fish culture systems including broodstock, egg incubation, early rearing and grow-out. Atlantech also has extensive expertise in live lobster holding systems and effluent treatment systems.

  • Atlantech - Broodstock Systems

    Atlantech - Broodstock Systems

    Production of good quality eggs is dependent upon the quality of the broodstock. For that reason, maintaining a healthy, non-stress and disease free environment for broodstock is critical to a successful operation. Atlantech Companies has experience in design and construction of Broodstock Systems for a variety of finfish species including Atlantic salmon, Atlantic cod and Atlantic halibut. We always work closely with the client to design and...

  • Atlantech - Fish Egg Incubation & Early Rearing Systems

    Atlantech - Fish Egg Incubation & Early Rearing Systems

    Atlantech's expert staff will work with the client to design and manufacture Egg Incubation and Early Rearing Systems to meet the specific needs and challenges of the client. Whether a client prefers Combi-Tanks, Heath Trays or Big Hatchers, Atlantech will ensure a system design that maximizes water quality and bio-security.