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  • Model 5DX Series - Double Shoot System

    Model 5DX Series - Double Shoot System

    When Producers needed to reshape their drills into a one-pass double-shoot system, they chose Atom-Jet to make their dreams a reality. Faced with the unique challenges provided by single disk drills, Atom-Jet once again developed a technology through hard work and perseverance. Another example of how Atom-Jet is committed to helping growers become more profitable.

  • Model SSL Series - Single Shoot

    Model SSL Series - Single Shoot

    When things get tough, the tough get going. This is the legacy of the SSL series of openers. When the financial impact of drought hit the prairies in the early 90’s, a grower in need approached Atom-Jet to develop an opener based on the concept of what is now zero till. The distinctive vertical design improved moisture conservation, increased trash clearance, eliminated plugging and was fully protected by the first carbides in the opener...

  • Model CNH - Side Band Granular

    Model CNH - Side Band Granular

    The side band granular opener allows for precise placement of granular fertilizer out the carbide wing of the opener. The seed is dropped down behind the ¾” or 1″ carbided point allowing for separation between the seed and fertilizer. The option to place the seed out the side and fertilizer down the center also exists on side band openers. Left and right sided openers keep the wings pointing to the center of the drill to help...

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  • Atom-Jet - Power Hiller Tines

    Atom-Jet - Power Hiller Tines

    Atom-Jet Power Hiller Tines are simply the best tines available on the market today. By utilizing our years of experience in applying carbide to ground engagement tools, we have created a tine that has proven to last 8 – 10 times longer than our competition.By maintaining the shape and integrity of the tine tip, producers are able to maintain uniform hills for longer durations. This means longer intervals between changing tines. Saving you time,...