August Bruns Agricultural Machinery

August Bruns Agricultural Machinery was founded in 1948 by August Bruns and with the help of his wife Hilda it was continuously developed in these difficult post-war-years.The company became one of the most known of its kind which soon expanded nationwide. Later on the two sons, Helmut and Walter got into business and learned the skills from their father. The company was turned over to them officially in 1983. Walter Bruns became head of the company after the early death of his brohter, Helmut Bruns, in 1989. The August Bruns Company also realized the importance of a good customer service at an early point and kept it that way ever since.

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Eisenbahnstraße 12 , Cloppenburg , Lower Saxony 49661 Germany

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Nationally (across the country)

When August Bruns established our family business in August

1948, he laid the foundation for a company that would enjoy

continuous success to the present day. We have grown steadily

in the more than 60 years we have been in business. And as always,

the range of our products continues to reflect the needs

of our customers. We work exclusively with such internationally

leading manufacturers as CNH and KUHN, manufacturers you

can rely on – now and for many years to come.


A supremely motivated team

We owe our success to our supremely qualified and highly

motivated team. More than 160 skilled employees work for us.

The BRUNS Group as a whole employs more than 330 people.

Whether it’s our agricultural machinery mechanics, metal

workers, and logistics experts or our replacement parts service,

maintenance, and consulting staffs – every one of our

employees is a highly-trained specialist in his field.

Today we are an internationally active company managed by

Walter and Andreas Bruns. With locations in Cloppenburg,

Bösel, Lindern, Aurich, Rhede, Langenstein, Klein Bünzow

and Haren, we offer the advantage of close proximity to our

customers whose many and varied needs we are able to meet in

all respects.

From the very beginning we have remained true to the high

standards we set for ourselves. We make no compromises when

it comes to the quality of the equipment we produce and sell.

Our products and services are subject to rigorous monitoring for

compliance with the most advanced standards.

No machine will ever leave our shop without the required Bruns Final Inspection.

Constant innovation , renewals and foundings of new branches in various cities alligned the company for the future. It is highly supported in doing so by its staff. The August Bruns Company would like to thank the entire staff, of the present and the past days for all their help. A big thank you also goes out to our partners and brand-manufacturers who have kept a close relationship to August Bruns Company over the years.The good team-work and the mutual trust of all our suppliers contributed substantially to the success of the company. They also supplied important impulses and technical know how.

1948 Founding by August Bruns

·        1963 A-dealer for Ford and Clayson (today New Holland)

·        1966 First branch in Bösel

·        1972 Second main business pillar: Bruns Caravans in Cloppenburg
         Specialist dealer for Tabbert and Knaus

·        1978 Second branch and production site for sprinkler technology in Lindern

·        1980 The sons Walter and Helmut Bruns take over the business

·        1984 Founding of REBO Landmaschinen GmbH to become a John Deere A-dealer

·        1984 Opening of a REBO branch in Borringhausen/Damme

·        1987 Opening of a REBO branch in Aurich

·        1987 New building of Bruns Caravans in the industrial area of Cloppenburg

·        1989 Helmut Bruns dies at an age of  39 years

·        1991 Opening of a Bruns branch in Blankenburg / Harz

·        1991 New Founding: Bruns + Schmidt in Grabow
         A-dealer for John Deere in parts of Mecklenburg Vorpommern

·        1991 Death of the company founder August Bruns

·        1993 Founding of the REBO Motorgeräte GmbH with its seat in Cloppenburg
         A-dealer for urban horticultural and gardening equipment

·        1994 Opening of a Bruns branch in Klein Bünzow

·        1996 Opening of the Bruns Agrarservice branch in Haren

·        1996 Georg Büssing and Georg Wichmann are the new managing directors of the 
         company BRUNS

·        1997 New building of REBO Aurich in the industrial area of  Aurich / Schirum

·        1997 Bruns is awarded the Optimus Maximus Award by New Holland

·        2001 Andreas Bruns, the son of Helmut Bruns, is the new Bruns MD

·        2001 Ignatz Kuhlmann is the new MD of the company REBO

·        2002 Acquisition of the company Martin Reents Landm. GmbH Aurich by Bruns

·        2002 The new building of the “B + S” branch in Osterburg is inaugurated

·        2003 Re-opening of the Bruns branch in Bösel after re-organisation and reconstruction

·        2004 REBO is given the German “Shell Service Award”

·        2005 Expansion of the Bünzow branch by the addition of a second hand machinery  
         shop of approx. 2,000 square metres

·        2005 REBO presents the REBO Rack (universal carrier vehicle) at the  
         Agritechnika fair

·        2006 REBO and REBO Motorgeräte open a joint branch in Edewecht

·        2006 Alexander Bruns, the son of Helmut Bruns, is the new MD at REBO

·        2007 Bruns moves the Blankenburg site to the new Langenstein site

·        2007 For B+S Grabow, the factory is expanded by more than 1,000 square metres 
         through the construction of  a new workshop and social rooms