Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) celebrates its 54th year in 2014. The Institute was formed in Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) in 1953 and become an incorporated entity in 1960. Since its inception AIH has become the pre-eminent national body that represents the interests of and professional development of horticulturists in Australia. AIH represents approximately 500 members throughout Australia and overseas. The AIH is managed nationally by an elected National Executive that consists of a President/Chair, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and National Councillors who bring their expertise to assist with the management of the Institute. AIH Council is responsible for the overall national management of the Institute that includes policy, membership, finances, national and international representation and strategic development.

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PO Box 2238 , Toowong , Queensland 4066 Australia

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Research institute
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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)

Regional Groups may have an elected Regional Convenor supported by a group of supporters and is responsible for the local development of programs to support AIH members.

Membership is open to horticulture practitioners who have achieved acknowledged tertiary qualifications in horticulture OR Associate membership for equivalent years of industry experience. Other types of membership include Retired Members, Student Members and Corporate Members each having varying benefits through membership.

AIH member practitioners represent the widest possible range of horticulture interests across every industry group. These include production, environmental, recreational, ornamental, urban, lifestyle and design, training and higher education horticulture pursuits and professions.

AIH members can be seen on all lifestyle television shows, heard on most radio gardening programs nationally and write most of the respected gardening columns, books and guides.

Other AIH Member practitioners specialise in tertiary training design and development for Australian industry groups and are responsible for many overseas national landscape and horticulture industry workplace skills and qualification programs.  Others deliver senior professional development programs internationally and are acknowledged as world leaders in horticultural training.

AIH implemented the Registered Horticulturist program in 2011 as an accrediting scheme and represent peer assessed leaders in horticulture in Australia and other countries where membership representation exists.

AIH is committed to and promotes the development of young horticulturists through the national network of TAFE (Technical and Further Education) and RTO (Registered Training organisations) horticulture training and education courses. AIH nurtures TAFE and RTO horticulture teachers and lecturers.

AIH actively seeks to collaborate with other like minded organisations to bring and offer a holistic approach to the horticulture profession.

AIH established the first international co-operation arrangement with the National Parks Board of Singapore and the Centre for Urban Greenery (CUGE) Singapore in 2007.  AIH provides a rigorous process of accreditation of the CUGE Certified Practising  Horticulturists Program and CPH Singapore graduates participate in AIH as its first members in Asia. Other partnerships both in Australia and overseas broadens our network and provides added benefits to membership.

  • To improve our physical environment through the appropriate use of plants
  • To maintain a Code of Ethics for professional horticulturists
  • To uphold and promote the quality of horticultural services provided by members
  • To promote and represent qualified horticulturists to government, industry and the community.
  • To assist the development of standards and established benchmarks for horticultural practices
  • To advance horticultural research and development
  • To assist and promote horticultural education and training.
  • To conserve Australian flora and habitats to enhance bio-diversity
  • To improves the quality, selection and application of plants used in Australia
  • To promote strategic alliances and professional networks.
  • To nurture the development of AIH in Australia and internationally.

‘The Australian Institute of Horticulture will lead the profession of horticulture nationally in promoting excellence and environmental responsibility in horticulture practice through quality professional development, service and advocacy’.