Auto Aqua Irrigation

Auto Aqua Irrigation

Auto Aqua Irrigation

Auto Aqua Irrigation, your friendly local irrigation specialists. We take great pride in delivering excellent customer service with a personal touch - we design and install automated watering systems for both domestic and commercial gardens, all customised specifically to your needs. Auto Aqua Irrigation is all about ensuring that your garden is given the best possible care, and making life easier for those who love living in their room outside. With automatic watering / irrigation systems, life becomes so much simpler - caring for your garden has never been easier.

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71 Richings Way, Winchester , Hampshire , England SL0 9DF United Kingdom
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Service provider
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Agriculture - Irrigation
Market Focus:
Locally (one state or province)


Beautiful gardens

  • We understand that the key to a beautiful and healthy landscape is the correct and regular application of watering and feeding.
  • A professionally designed and installed irrigation system eliminates the need for manual watering and provides numerous benefits to your landscape whilst saving water.

Self-watering kits

  • Are you a 'hands on' gardener? Are you looking for effective and low cost watering systems for your vegetable bed?
  • We offer self-watering kits tailored to suit your garden space, no matter what size it is.

Installation and design

  • Tired of manually watering your garden? Do you want to lower the cost of maintaining your commercial landscape?
  • We can design and install watering systems to suit every individual need.

Our beliefs

  • We believe in utilising water without waste, and saving you money. 
  • We also believe in irrigation systems that not only look good, but work well and last long.
  • As a long established business, we have years of experience and knowledge on all aspects garden products and landscape irrigation systems. You can rest assured that all products and irrigation systems we provide are manufactured to the highest quality, affording you long lasting quality at competitive prices.

Riverside and borehole specialists

We have vast experience in systems that combine alternative water sources - we specialise in riverside and borehole irrigation systems and are able to provide our expertise in this area. 

Helping you save water

  • All of our garden irrigation systems are worked out scientifically, ensuring that water usage is strictly controlled to prevent wastage.
  • Automatic garden watering has been proven to be more effective in conserving water compared to 'traditional' methods of a handheld hose or garden sprinkler.